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Transbaikal State University Journal . Vol. 30, №1 2024

    Earth and Environmental Sciences

Baranovskaya  A. Y.
Baranovskay N. .
Sudyko A.  .
Elemental Composition of Plants of the Duckweed Family (Lemnaceae) as an Indicator of Natural-Technogenic Conditions in the Tomsk Region
Debelaya I. D.
Morozova  G. Y.
Analysis of the Network’ Structure of the Protected Areas of Сity Districts Using the Example of the Far Eastern Federal District
Kochev D. .
Geoecological Mapping of Buildings in Flood-Prone Areas Shilka and Nerchinsk (Transbaikalia), Using the NDBI Spectral Index and a Neural Network
Krasnikov R. V.
Khrisanov V. A.
Sarychev A. .
Arkhiptsev  I. N.
Exogenous Processes of Formation of the Modern Geoecological Situation in the Belgorod Region
Yurgenson G. .
On the Geochemical Zoning of the Verkhnealiinsky Gold Deposit in Transbaikalia (Russia)
    Subsoil Use, Mining Sciences

Myazin V. .
Ardanaeva S. A.
Influence of Activated Carbon on the Efficiency of Sorption Leaching of Gold-Silver-Containing Ores (on the Example of the Kubaka Processing Plant)
Solozhenkin P. M.
Technology of Dry Wastes Processing of Sorption and Solutions of Antimony Chlorides
Churakov E. .
Makarov V. .
Makarov N. .
Belskikh A. M.
Stages of Technical Improvement of Mine Drainage Centrifugal Pumps
    Earth science


Baranova O. .
Yarilov E. .
Selezneva E. E.
Kazachenko L. .
Strategy for the Socio-Economic Development of a Municipality as a Factor in the Financial Sustainability of the Local Budget (on the Example of the Tungokochensky Municipal District)
Osadchaya S. .
Managing Sustainable Development of the Enterprise Using Social Investment Instruments and Green Finance in Implementing the Concept of Social аnd Ethical Marketing
Pitukhina M. A.
Gurtov V. A.
Belykh A. D.
Technological Innovations and Artificial Intelligence Implementation in Global Economic Processes Development: Experience of BRICS Countries
Solovyova M. V.
Consumer Preferences in the Global Market of Mobile Communication Devices

Bai Xuetao . .
 . .
Development of Chinese-Russian Trade and Economic Relations in the Context of the Russian-Ukrainian Crisis: Current State and Suggestions
Du Jianming . .
Intra-Party Regulations аnd their Implementation in the PRC’s Authority System
Ivanova M. .
Countering the Ideology of Consumerism in the System of Anti-Corruption Measures as a Function of State Power
Talagaeva D. A.
National Scientific Research in the Framework of European Scientific Prorities: the Case of Norway
Chang Yan . .
Pecheritsa V. .
Лю  С. .
Regional Security in the Arctic. Role of the Russian Federation and China in its Strengthening
Shevchuk N. V.
“All tracks” Diplomacy: Post-Soviet Experience
    There is an opinion...

Arens V. Z.
Categories of Space and Time in Solving the Problems of the Future of Mining
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