Article name Influence of Activated Carbon on the Efficiency of Sorption Leaching of Gold-Silver-Containing Ores (on the Example of the Kubaka Processing Plant)
Authors Myazin V.. ,
Ardanaeva S.A. postgraduate,
Bibliographic description Myazin V. P., Ardanaeva S. A. Influence of Activated Carbon on the Efficiency of Sorption Leaching of Gold-Silver-Containing Ores (on the Example of the Kubaka Processing Plant) // Transbaikal State University Journal. 2024. Vol. 30, no. 1. P. 62–72. DOI: 10.2109/2227-9245-2024-30-1-62-72.
Category Subsoil Use, Mining Sciences
DOI 622.7; 669.01
DOI 10.2109/2227-9245-2024-30-1-62-7
Article type Original article
Annotation Activated granular coal is widely used in processing plants, both in Russia and abroad. There are two problems at Kubaka mining and processing plant (MPP) during hydrometallurgical processing of gold-containing raw materials: loss of coal during sorption due to partial abrasion, decrease in sorption properties and, as a result, deterioration of coal quality as a result of clogging of pores with dissolved compounds in the pulp. This in turn leads to a decrease in the efficiency of sorption leaching of goldbearing ores and an increase in the cost of gold. The aim of the study is to improve the quality of activated carbon of the GOLGCARB 207C 6X12 brand based on the use of reduction processes in order to increase the sorption capacity. Research objectives are as follows: development of a research methodology; determination of parameters of changes in the kinetic properties of activated carbon; step-by-step assessment of changes in the properties of activated carbon in the technological process; identification of the effect of coal treatment with alternative reagents (NaOH, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, lime) on improving the quality of activated carbon. The object of the study is activated carbons of the GOLGCARB 207C 6X12 brand used at the Kubaka MPP (Magadan region). Research methodology and methods are as follows: a comprehensive methodology for the study of activated carbon, laboratory studies and pilot tests. The effect of activated carbon on the efficiency of sorption leaching of gold-bearing ores in laboratory conditions with the approbation of a new technological solution in semi-industrial tests has been studied. The effect of acid treatment and reactivation of coal on its sorption properties has been experimentally proven. Optimal conditions for cleaning the pores of coal from impurities of organic, carbonate and sulfur-containing compounds and an increase in sorption activity were achieved by acid treatment (replacement of hydrochloric acid with sulfuric acid) and pH control
Key words activated carbon, leaching, sorption, desorption, restoration of sorption properties, sorption capacity, gold-containing ore, sorption constant, process improvement, acid treatment
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Full articleInfluence of Activated Carbon on the Efficiency of Sorption Leaching of Gold-Silver-Containing Ores (on the Example of the Kubaka Processing Plant)