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Transbaikal State University Journal. Vol. 29., №3 2023

    Earth and Environmental Sciences

Gerasimov V. .
Nizhegorodtsev E. .
Investigation of the Deformation of Filter Membranes Made from Fibrous Polymeric Materials in Devices for Clarification of Recycling Water of Mining Enterprises
Salikhov S. S.
Ignatiev  A. A.
Structural and Dynamic Features of the Lugokan Ore Node and Its Prospects (South-Eastern Transbaikalia)
Mishankin A. .
Chubreev D. O.
Pavlyuk A. O.
Yazikov E. .
Evaluation of Radiation Resistance of Barrier Clay Materials
    Subsoil Use, Mining Sciences

Razmakhnin K. .
Khatkova A. .
Shumilova L. .
Nomokonova T. .
Sorption Technology for the Treatment of Waste and Circulating Waters of Ash Dumps
Iodis V. A.
Development of a System for Monitoring the Parameters of ore Pulp in the Process of Ultrasonic Treatment
Razmakhnin K. .
Khatkova A. .
Shumilova L. .
Nomokonova T. .
The use of Natural Zeolites to Reduce Harmful Emissions from Coal Combustion
Ovseychuk V. .
Ore Quality Management in the Development of Uranium Deposits
Shumilova L. .
Khatkova A. .
Razmakhnin K. .
Prostakishin M. F.
Research of Environmentally Friendly methods of Increasing the Extraction of Gold from Stubborn Mineral Raw Materials
    Earth science


    Economic, Social, Political, Recreational Geography

Blanutsa V. .
Human-Geographical Study of the Internet of Things: Promising Directions

Gurova O. .
Construction Industry in the Eastern Regions of Russia: Main Development Trends
Rubtsova N. .
Efficiency of Budget funds Use for the Implementation of Measures of State Support of the Domestic Tourism Area
Glotko  A. V.
Kuznetsova I. .
Shelkovnikov S. .
Comparative Analysis of the Human Capital Development in Agriculture in Russia and Abroad
Gorodkovaova S. .
Nikolenko P. V.
International Experience in Supervisory Stress Testing of the Banking Sector: Theoretical Aspects
Abgaldaev V. Y.
Osodoeva  O. A.
Saktoev V. .
Instability Analysis in J. M. Keynes’s Works
Vylkova E. .
Pokrovskaya N. .
Аnalysis of the Tax Burden (Case of North-Western Federal District)

Bardyug A. D.
Vladimirova D. .
The Policy of China’s Peaceful Rise in Building the International Image of the State
Bukreeva T. N.
The Transformation of Terrorism Concerning the Definition of New Types: Diplomatic Terrorism in Relation to Russia and China
Afinogenov D. A.
Krasikov V. V.
Russia’s Approaches to Resolving the Nuclear Crisis in North Korea: Experience and Problems
Matveeva E. .
Professional Identity of Youth as a New Paradigm of Rural Development (the Case of Agricultural Institute of Kuzbass)
Veriga V. L.
The Effectiveness of NGOin Terms of the Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory
Wang Zhaoxu . .
The Study of the Image of Russia in Chinese Political Cartoons
    There is an opinion...

Salikhov S. S.
Sypchugursky Gold-Ore Bulk Node is an Object of Special Attention (Eastern Transbaikalia)
    Anniversary Dates

75th Anniversary of Nelly Petrovna Romanova
90 th Anniversary of Viktor Zhanovich Arens
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