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Transbaikal State University Journal. Vol. 29, №4 2023

    Earth and Environmental Sciences

Kirdyashkin A. .
Kirdyashkin A. .
Slopes of Uplifts Of The Earth’s Surface: Structural Impact of Mantle Plumes of Low Thermal Power
Stepanov N. .
Grabko G. .
Features of the Natural Pyrite Response to Electrical Action Impulse
Gruzdev R. .
Determination of the Average Density of Rocks of the Intermediate Layer by the Method of the Least Correlation of the Gravity Anomaly with the Terrain (on the Example of Eastern Transbaikalia)
Novikov  A. .
Biksaleev A. A.
Assessment of the Readiness of Specially Protected Natural Areas of the Transbaikal Territory to the Adversely Changing Nature of the Neighborhood (in the Context of the Economic Development of the Region)
Yurgenson G. .
About a New Find of Yutenbogaardtite in Transbaikalia
Rasskazov A. A.
Gorbatov  E. S.
Kotelnikov A. E.
Kotelnikova E. M.
Features of Using Limnogeologic Methods in Planetary Surveys
    Earth science

    Subsoil Use, Mining Sciences

Batukhtin A. G.
Batukhtin S. .
Yakubovich  A. I.
Kuznetsova N. .
Analysis of Heat Removal Efficiency of Heating Surfaces
Orekhova ,  N. N.
Fadeeva N. V.
Zinchenko A. A.
Isaeva L. S.
Investigation of Acid Dezolization Process of Graphitized Metallurgical Dust Flotation Concentrate
Myazin V. .
Goncharov D. .
Sokolova E. .
Ardanaeva S. A.
Logical and Mathematical Analysis of the Generalized Function of the Model of Heap Leaching of Gold in the Ore Stack
Labudin V. S.
Khramov A. .
Laboratory Research of the Opening of Minerals of Carbonate-Fluorite Ore of the Egitinskoye Deposit

Glebova A. .
Berezin A. M.
Regulation of Currency Risks of Russian Banks in the Context of International Sanctions
Glotko  A. V.
Kuznetsova I. .
Shelkovnikov S. .
Project Investment in Tourism Development
Malakhov E. .
Malysheva T. .
Decarbonization of Companies In the Industrial Sector under Conditions of Uncertainty

Napso M. .
Ethnic nationalism – “nevrose nationale”
Matveeva E. .
Alagoz A. .
Network Content of Candidates for Governor of the Siberian Federal District: Features Contents in the 2023 Election Campaign
Mezentsev S. .
Matyukhin  A.  .
Liberal Socio-Political Reforms of Alexander II: Causes, Essence, Nature
    Chronicle of Scientific Life

The Results of the Plaksin Readings – 2023
    Anniversary Dates

Academician Valentin Alekseevich Chanturia is 85 years old
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Transbaikal State University Journal