Article name Logical and Mathematical Analysis of the Generalized Function of the Model of Heap Leaching of Gold in the Ore Stack
Authors Myazin V.. ,
Goncharov D.. candidate of technical sciences, leading geologist,
Sokolova E.. ,
Ardanaeva S.A. postgraduate,
Bibliographic description Myazin V. P., Goncharov D. S., Sokolova E. S., Ardanaeva S. A. Logical and Mathematical Analysis of the Generalized Function of the Model of Heap Leaching of Gold in the Ore Stack // Transbaikal State University Journal. 2023. Vol. 29, no. 4. P. 85–94. DOI: 10.2109/2227-9245-2023-29-4-85-94.
Category Subsoil Use, Mining Sciences
DOI 622.271.1:622.277
DOI 10.2109/2227-9245-2023-29-4-85-94
Article type Original article
Annotation The theory of heap leaching of valuable components from mineral raw materials is largely based on modeling methods and their computer implementation. The object of study is a generalized function of a valuable component transferring efficiency during heap leaching into a productive solution. Previously it has been obtained by the authors during block modeling of the process of heap leaching of gold from an ore stack. The purpose of the study is the scientific substantiation of the most important technological factors after the division of the generalized function under study using the logical method of deduction to the completeness of the valuable component (extraction) transfer into solution. The objectives of the research are logical and mathematical analysis of varying technological factors in a generalized function through the integrated use of deduction, induction and mathematical methods. The results of the study are presented, obtained by the method of system analysis by assessing each and pairwise varying technological factors for the completeness of the valuable component extraction into the solution. The authors propose to use the Cartesian product in many combinations of varying factors (cartes) for the efficiency of transferring gold into a productive solution. An assessment of the individual and pairwise variable factors influence on the nature of changes in the functional dependence of gold extraction on leaching time is made. It is revealed that all the studied factors obey an exponential dependence. This conclusion is also confirmed using the technique of the first derivative of the varying factors function. By comparative assessment of the gold leaching rate and a combination of varying factors based on the use of a logical deduction technique, it is established that the size of the ore piece and the temperature of the solution have the greatest influence on the leaching time. The conclusion drawn can be used to provide practical recommendations on the effectiveness of using heap leaching technology for valuable components from mineral raw materials.
Key words heap leaching, ore stack, gold; valuable component, process efficiency, logical and mathematical analysis, generalized function, factor analysis, methodological methods of research, technique
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Full articleLogical and Mathematical Analysis of the Generalized Function of the Model of Heap Leaching of Gold in the Ore Stack