Article name Laboratory Research of the Opening of Minerals of Carbonate-Fluorite Ore of the Egitinskoye Deposit
Authors Labudin V.S. Postgraduate Student,
Khramov A.. ,
Bibliographic description Labudin V. S., Khramov A. N. Laboratory research of the opening of minerals of carbonate-fluorite ore of the Еgitinskoye deposit // Transbaikal State University Journal. 2023. Vol. 29, no. 4. P. 95–104. DOI: 10.2109/2227- 9245-2023-29-4-95-104.
Category Subsoil Use, Mining Sciences
DOI 622.7
DOI 10.2109/2227-9245-2023-29-4-95-104
Article type Original article
Annotation Ore from the Egitinskoye deposit is processed at the Egitinsky GOK Plus concentrating plant according to a technological scheme including: three-stage crushing, two-stage grinding, preliminary and verification classification, flotation processing, thickening, filtration and drying of concentrates. The end (commercial) products obtained at the processing plant during the processing of ore are fluorite concentrates of the FF-95 and FF-97 grades that meet the requirements of GOST 29219-91 “Fluoric acid and ceramic concentrates”. Obtaining high-grade fluorite concentrates during the enrichment of these types of ores is complicated due to the close physical and chemical properties of fluorite and carbonate minerals (calcite, dolomite, etc.), as well as a decrease in the carbonate module in the original ore as the deposit is developed. Considering these circumstances, it is required to determine during grinding not only the degree of fluorite opening, but also the degree of opening of carbonate minerals. The object of research is the carbonate-fluorite ores of the Egitinskoye deposit. The subject of research is the process of opening minerals at the grinding stage. The purpose of the research is to determine the optimal degree of grinding, which ensures an increase in the efficiency of flotation enrichment of carbonate-fluorite ore from the Egitinskoye deposit. Laboratory research to identify the optimal degree of grinding were carried out in two ways: according to the results of technological indicators of flotation tests and according to the results of studying the degree of disclosure of minerals (fluorite and calcite), depending on the different degree of grinding of the ore. When carrying out flotation tests, it was found that a sufficient degree of selective separation of both fluorite and carbonate minerals occurs at the exit of 70 % of the finished size class (-0.071 mm). According to the results of the study of the degree of disclosure of minerals, the optimal degree of grinding was revealed with a yield of 70 to 75 % of the class ‒ 0.071 mm.
Key words fluorite, carbonate minerals,deposit, mineral disclosure,carbonate module, degree ofgrinding, flotation, laboratoryresearch, granulometricanalysis, mineralogicalanalysis
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