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Transbaikal State University Journal. Vol. 30, №2 2024

    Earth and Environmental Sciences

Vinokurov  Y. I.
Kharlamova N. F.
Kharlamova N. F.
Plutalova  T. G.
Sharabarina S. N.
Zoning оf the Altai Region Territory According to the Degree of Climate Risks
Osipova  N. A.
Talovskaya A. V.
Yazikov E. G.
Azarova S. V.
Kutishchev A. S.
Novikov S. A.
The Content of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in the Street Dust of the Coal Mining Region of Southern Kuzbass
Urbanova C. B.
Babikov  V. A.
Geoecological Approaches to the State of Anthropogenic Landscapes of the Raduga Garden Square in Ulan-Ude
    Subsoil Use, Mining Sciences

Ivanov A. G.
Arsentiev Y. A.
Gladyshev  A. V.
Mikhailov A. .
Gurulev E. A.
Ivanov D. A.
On the Issue 0f Imported the Quality Wells In-Situ Leaching of Uranium in the Cryolithic Zone
Kovalenko E. G.
Improvement of the Scheme and Regime of Internal Water Circulation of Foam Separation of Diamond-Containing Kimberlites
Medyanik N. L.
Smirnova A. V.
Karelina Y. A.
Baskov  V. A.
Study of the Possibility of Using Fulvic Acid for the Flotation Extraction of Vanadium Based on the Calculation of Molecular Descriptors
Kholov K. I.
Niyozov A. S.
Juraqulov S. R.
Samikhov S. R.
Mineralogical and Geochemical Features of the Gold-Containing Ores of the Pakrut Deposit (Central Tajikistan) As the Basis of Gravity Enrichment

Alexandrova  I. A.
Razmakhnin K. .
Customs Departments and Financial System of the Russian Federation
Malysheva T. E.
Malysheva E. E.
Socio-Economic Effects оf Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects: the Piers System and Russian Practice
Romanova  O. A.
Ponomareva A. O.
Forecasting the Development of the Ural Manufacturing Industry in Conditions of Increasing External Financial Risks

Budaev B. .
Zimina N. V.
Comparative Analysis of the Results of the Elections to the Regional Parliaments of the Republic of Buryatia and the Transbaikal Region in 2023
Morozova V. S.
Dondokov D. D.
Yakunina  T. V.
Regional Culture as a Potential for Tourism Development in the Space of Russian-Chinese Borderland: from the Theoretical Objectification to New Reality Issues
Petrov Y. D.
Grigoriev N.  .
Development of the Regional Electoral Process in Russia (on the Example of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia))
Romanovsky A. A.
Rotation of the Governor’s Сorps in the Regions of the Far Eastern Federal District: Trends and Features
    There is an opinion...

Arens V. Z.
Shumilova L. .
Ways to Intensify the Uninhabited Regions Development in the Russian Federation
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