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Transbaikal State University Journal, №1 2020

    Earth science

Kerimov  . I.
Asadov Hikmat Hamid oglu, . .
On the Question About Classification of Urbanized Zones on Level Of Anthropogenic Dust Emission to the Atmosphere
Kirdyashkin A. .
Kirdyashkin A. .
Distanov V. .
Temperature distribution in the upper mantle beneath a continent
Pavlenko Y. .
Research and production cluster as a strategy for the study and integrated use of zeolites in East Transbaikalia
Robertus Y. .
Rikhvanov L. .
Geoecological situation in the area of Kalguty mine (Altai Republic)
Rogov  V. .
Trends in the evolution of aerial services in cities
Sekisov A. .
Rubtsov Y. .
Shevchenko Y. S.
Lavrov A. Y.
Trubachev A. I.
Salikhov S. S.
Petukhov A. .
Innovative geotechnologies of hard-to-enrich (persistent) mineral raw materials development
Sinitsa S. .
Vilmova E. .
Vasilenko E. .
Lithological and paleontological climate indicators in the mesozoic of Transbaikalia
Kostikova O. .
Voronov E. .
Lamberova  V. .
Shumilova L. .
Cherkasov  V. G.
Research of the reagent mode during refractory silver-polymetallic ores flotation
Eyubova Z. .
Gadzhieva G. .
Gadzhieva A. .
Technogenic geosystems of the Dashkesen region

Yeritsyan H. .
Turk factor in the foreign policy strategy of the Turkish Republic in Syria
Kirsanova E. .
Creation of clusters as a mechanism for the implementation of innovative policy in the European union (case of innovation clusters in Germany)
Li  J. .
The Role of BRICS in Chinese Foreign Policy and Economics
Melnikova A. .
Terrorism – a study of the phenomenon and contemporary specifics

Dobrynina M. .
Global industrial Renaissance and new industrial policy of Russia: economic and political dimensions
Romanov V. A.
Tarkhanova N. P.
The role of information technologies in the management of national parks of a country\'s economy