A list of Requirements and Conditions for the Publication of Articles in Scientific Journal «Transbaikal State University Journal»

  1. Rules for publishing articles in the journal

1.1 The material proposed for publication must be original, unpublished earlier in other printed editions. The recommended volume of the article is 16 pages.

1.2 Editorial Board reserves the right to scientific and literary editing of articles without changing the scientific content of the author’s version. The author is responsible for the accuracy of names, quotations, formulas, figures reproduction. Sent manuscripts are not returned to the authors.

1.3 Editorial Board of the scientific journal “Transbaikal State University Journal” carries out independent reviewing of articles. An article sent to the author for revision must be returned to the editorial board (marked “corrected”) within 10 days, otherwise it will be rejected. The improved version of the article is reviewed and considered anew.

1.4 No royalties are paid. For employees of the Transbaikal State University, doctoral and postgraduate students of all universities the publication of articles is at the expense of the university. The fee for the publication of an article is 335 rubles per one page of typewritten text (spacing – 1.5; font size – 14). Payment is made after approval of the text by the Editorial Board. Payment details can be found at: https://www…………… /.

1.5 Editorial board sends the Certificate in PDF-format on request of the author, if there are positive reviews, about the publication for the report to the GRANTOR (together with the request in this case it is necessary to attach the draft certificate in Word format).

1.6 Article materials are provided by e-mail:;


If you have any questions about the publication of articles, please contact the executive secretary – Potapova Ksenia Romanovna – by phone: (3022) 21-86-38.


  1. Completeness and form of submission of author’s copies

2.1 Submitted materials should contain:

– scientific direction;

– UDC code;

– last name, first name, patronymic of the author (co-authors) (in full) (in Russian and English);

– title of the article (in Russian and English);

– an abstract of 200-250 words (in Russian and English). The abstract should include: subject, topic, purpose of the work; research method or methodology; research results and their application; conclusions. According to the abstract, the reader should determine whether it is worth referring to the full text of the article for more detailed information of interest.

– keywords – at least 10 (in Russian and English);

– main body. The text of the article should have the following structure: introduction, relevance, object, subject, purpose, objectives, methodology and research methods, development of the topic, research results, conclusions.

– bibliographical list (no more than 5 years old) of at least 15 sources (GOST P7.0.5-2008);

– information about the author (authors): surname, name, patronymic, scientific degree, academic rank, position, place of work, city, country (in Russian and English), contact phone number and e-mail;

– scientific interests of the author (authors) (in Russian and English);

– review of the supervisor, consultant or a specialist dealing with the topic of the submitted research for postgraduate students (scanned copy);

– expert opinion on the possibility of publishing the article in the open press (scanned copy);

– the report of the check for the borrowings – the originality of the text (not less than 75% of the text originality, in accordance with the order № 413 from 15.12.2021 “About the check for the volume of borrowings, including substantive, the identification of unauthorized borrowings of the texts of works carried out in ZabGU”) checked for plagiarism, preferably in the “Antiplagiarism” system (

2.2 General rules of text formatting

Articles on electronic media should be saved under the name corresponding to the surname of the first author, typed in Microsoft Office Word.

It is recommended to observe the following settings:

Page parameters: top and bottom margins – 2.5 cm, left – 3 cm, right – 1 cm; orientation – portrait; hyphenation – automatic. Paragraph indent – 1.25 cm. Page numbering is in the bottom margin. The font is Times New Roman, size – 14 pt, line spacing – 1.5. Format – A4.

Formulas, figures, tables.

Formulas. When using formulas (except for the title of the article and the abstract), it is recommended to use Microsoft Equation 3 with the following settings: formula elements – italics; for Greek letters and symbols – Symbol font, for other elements – Times New Roman (using letters of the Russian alphabet in formulas is undesirable). The size of symbols: normal – 14 pt, large index – 10 pt, small index – 7 pt, large symbol – 18 pt, small symbol – 14 pt. The expositions of formula elements in the text should be in the form of formulas. Explanation of the values of symbols and numerical coefficients is recommended to be given directly under the formula in the same sequence in which they are given in the formula. Formulas should be numbered in Arabic numerals in parentheses, e.g., A = a:b, (1). References in the text to the sequential numbers of formulas are made in parentheses, e.g., … in formula (1).

Figures. Figures should be made with a resolution of 300 dpi (B & W – for black-and-white illustrations, Grayscale – for halftones, the maximum size of the figure with the inscription: width 150 mm, height 245 mm); provide as separate files with the extension *.JPG, *.VMP, *.TIFF and print on A4 paper, indicating the file name. The images must allow movement in the text and the possibility of resizing. Diagrams and graphs should be made in MS Word or MS Excel with the provision of the original file. Figures should be numbered in Arabic numerals and numbered through. If there is only one figure, it is not numbered. Figures should be submitted in color. The names of the figures should be provided in Russian and English.

Tables. Tables should have thematic and numbering headings and references to them in the text. Thematic headings should reflect their content, be precise, brief, placed above the table. The table should be placed immediately after the paragraph in which it is first mentioned. A table with a large number of lines is allowed to be moved to another page. The column headings, as a rule, are written parallel to the table lines; if necessary, perpendicular arrangement of the column headings is allowed.

Text layout of tables in electronic documents: Times New Roman or Symbol font, 12 point. Tables are not required to be presented in separate documents.

The title of the tables (including the table content) is provided in Russian and English. The English version in the table is given with a slash.

2.4 Acknowledgements.

Information on research funding, grants, acknowledgements is given from a new line in Russian.

For example:

Acknowledgements: The article was prepared according to the results of the research carried out in 2023 at the expense of budgetary funds under the state assignment No. 200-98-2023.

Acknowledgements: The article was prepared with financial support from the Russian Science Foundation under a grant for basic research and exploratory research “Scientific justification and development of environmentally friendly non-waste technologies for processing of natural and technogenic mineral raw materials” (agreement number 22-17-00040, 2022-2023).

2.5 References

References in the text of the article should be made in square brackets according to the numbering in the reference list, which for the original article – at least 15 sources.

The list of references should be made in alphabetical order. The alphabetical order of references is numbered. It is not allowed to take references out of the text at the bottom of the page. In the list of references should not be the names of academic literature, dissertations and literature without authorship (constitution, laws, they are only mentioned in the text). It is allowed to enter in the list of literature no more than two own scientific publications. The list should include at least two sources in a foreign language.

The list of references should be provided in two versions: in Russian (All-Union Standard (GOST) 7.0.5. – 2008. Bibliographic references), and it is RECOMMENDED to repeat the Russian-language list of references completely in the Romance alphabet (for foreign databases), according to the following requirements.

The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject articles that do not meet these requirements.

Template for the article in Russian

Template design of an article in a foreign language (English, Chinese)