A list of requirements and conditions for the publication of articles in scientific journal «Transbaikal State University Journal»

1. The rules for articles’ publication in the journal

1.1. The material proposed for publication must be original, unpublished previously in other editions. In the article the following components: relevance, objectives, contemporary state of the problem, description of the research methodology, discussion of the results, conclusions must be consistently expressed. The recommended amount of articles is 0.5 … 1 printed list (8 … 16 pages).

1.2. The editorial board reserves the right to scientific and literary editing of the articles without changing the content of the author’s scientific options. The author bears responsibility for the accuracy of names, quotations, formulas, and numbers. The submitted manuscripts will not be returned to the authors.

1.3. The editorial board of the scientific journal «Transbaikal State University Jouranal» provides independent peer review of articles. The article directed to the author for revision, should be returned to the editorial board (marked «corrected») within 10 days, otherwise it will be rejected. The final version of the article is reviewed and considered again.

1.4. The publication of the article is paid – 335 rubles for one page of the typewritten text (an interval – 1,5; font size – 14). Payment is made after the approval of the article’s text by the editorial board. For the employees of the Transbaikal State University, doctors and postgraduate students of all higher educational institutions the publication of the articles is fulfilled at the expense of means of the university. Post services for shipment of one auctorial copy is 200 rubles (details for payment can be found according to the reference The payment is made after reviewing. The copy of the receipt on payment is sent on the e-mail address rikk-romanova-¬

1.5. The articles’ submission is available:

  1. a) e-mail:;
  2. b) postal address: 672039, Chita, Aleksandro-Zavodskaya str., 30, Transbaikal State University, editorial board of the journal «Transbaikal State University Journal»;
  3. c) directly to the editor (NC building, office. 320).

For publication of the articles refer to the scientific editor of the journal Romanova Nelli Petrovna − tel.: (3022) 218873; fax (3022) 416444; E-mail:

2. Completeness and form of receiving author’s copy

2.1. The submitted materials must include:

– scientific direction;

– call number UDC;

– surname, name of the author (co-authors) (in full) (Russian and English);

– title of the article (in Russian and English);

– annotation − a minimum of 250 words (850 typed characters not less than 10 lines) (in Russian and English);

– keywords − not less than 10 (in Russian and English);

– main part;

– bibliography (no more than 5 years old) 15 sources (the rules of bibliography appearence, see paragraph 2.4.);

– information about the author (s): name, surname, patronymic, academic degree, scientific title, position, place of work, city, country, contact phone number and e-mail, post address (for sending the journal) (in Russian and English languages);

– scientific interests of the author (authors) (in Russian and English);

– color photo of the author (s) on a white background (business style) in the electronic version in the format * .JPG, * .BMP or *, TIFF, the file size to 1 MB;

– review of the supervisor, consultant or a specialist, dealing with the subject of the claimed studies (original or electronic version);

– expert’s opinion on the possibility of publication of the article in the press (scanned copy) (sample can be found on the site:;

– result of the original text, checked for plagiarism, it is desirable to be done in the «Anti-plagiarism» system ( (need to provide information about the original text).

2.2. General rules for text formatting

The article on electronic media should be maintained under the name, corresponding to the name of the first author; it is typed in Microsoft Office Word program.

It is recommended to comply with the following settings:

Page setup: top and bottom margins − 2.5 cm, left − 3 cm, right − 1 cm; orientation − portrait; transfer − automatic. Paragraph indention − 1.25 cm. Pagination − on the lower field. Type − Times New Roman, size − 14 pt, line spacing − 1,5. Paper Size − A4.

It is recommended to use italics to emphasize the elements of the text. Marking out text in bold and underline is not allowed.

The text of the article must have the following structure:

− introduction;

− methodology and technique of a research;

− results of the research and field of their application;

− conclusions.

2.3. Formulas, figures, tables,

By using formulas (except the title and annotation) is recommended to use Microsoft Equation 3 Installation: elements of the formula − in italic; for Greek letters and symbols − the type Symbol, for the other elements − Times New Roman (use of letters of the Russian alphabet in the formula is not desirable). Character size: normal − 14 pt, large index − 10 pt, small index − 7 pt, large symbol − 18 pt, small symbol − 14 pt. Exhibit elements of the formulas in the text should be submitted in the form of formulas. Explanation of numeric symbols and coefficient values is recommended to be done by the formula directly in the same sequence in which they are in the formula. Formulas should be ordinal numbered in Arabic numerals in parentheses, for example, A = A: B (1). References in the text to draw up the serial numbers of the formulas are designed in brackets, for example, in the formula (1).

Drawings must be performed with a resolution of 300 dpi; provided in a separate file with the extension * .JPG, * .VMR, * .TIFF and printing on A4-size paper with the file name. The images must allow movement in the text and ability to change the size. The diagrams and charts are performed in MS Word program or embedded in MS Excel with the provision of the original file. The figures should be ordinal numbered in Arabic numerals. If there is an only figure, it is not numbered. The figures should be provided in color.

Tables should have thematic and numbering headings and references to them in the text. The thematic headings should reflect their content, and be precise, concise, placed above the table. The table should be placed directly after the paragraph in which it is mentioned for the first time. A table with a large number of rows may be transferred to another page. Titles of graphs are usually written in parallel rows in a table; it is perpendicular arrangement graph headings, when required.

Text arrangement of tables in electronic documents: type Times New Roman or Symbol, 12 pt. Tables are not required to be in separate documents.

2.4. Bibliography

The references to sources in the text should be in square brackets in accordance with the numbering in the list of literature, which is for the original article − no less than 10 sources.

The references need to be arranged in alphabetical order. Alphabetical references are numbered. It is not allowed to remove references from the text down the strip. The list of references should not include the titles of textbooks, dissertations and literature without authorship (constitution, laws of which is only referred in the text). It is not allowed to make a list of own works of literature. The list must have at least two sources in a foreign language.

The references are provided in two versions: in Russian (Standard 7.0.5 − 2008. Bibliography reference), as well as IT IS OBLIGATORY to repeat the Russian-language literature list completely in the Roman alphabet (for foreign databases), in accordance with the following requirements:

– The authors (transliteration), source name (transliteration, in italics and in parentheses the English translation), output data with the symbols in English or only digital. The titles of the articles are omitted, since they are not used in analytical system (it is enough to indicate the name of the journal) (for details see bibliography arrangement on the site

An example of the article’s description in the journal:

Polyanchikov Yu.N., Bannikov A.I., Kurchenko A.I. Vestn. Saratovsk. Gos. Tekhn. Univ. (Bulletin of Saratovsk State Technical University), 2007, no. 1 (23), P. 21­24.

Conference materials:

Usmanov T.S., Gusmanov A.A., Mullagalin I.Z., Muhametshina R.Yu., Chervyakova A.N., Sveshnikov A.V. Trudy 6 Mezhdunarodnogo Simpoziuma «Novye resursosberegayushchie tekhnologii nedropolzovaniya i povysheniya neftegazootdachi» (Proc. 6th Int. Technol. Symp. «New energy saving subsoil technologies and the increasing of oil and gas impact»). Moscow, 2007, P. 267­272.

Books (monographs, collected articles, conference materials in general):

Nenashev M.F. Poslednee pravitelstvo SSSR [Last government of the USSR]. Moscow, Krom Publ., 1993. 221 p.

References to Internet resources:

Pravila Tsitirovaniya Istochnikov (Rules for the citing the sources) Available at: (accessed 7 February 2011)

2.5. Rulesoftransliteration

On the site http: // one can use the program of transliteration to transfer the Russian text into Roman alphabet for gratis

The editorial board reserves the right to reject the articles that do not meet the specified requirements.