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A list of Requirements and Conditions for the Publication of Articles in Scientific Journal «Transbaikal State University Journal»

1. Rules for publishing articles in the journal

1.1. The material proposed for publication must be original, not previously published in other printed publications. If an article is sent in parallel to another journal, and the author does not warn the editor-in-chief about this, the editors reserve the right to terminate further cooperation with the author for an indefinite period.

1.2. The volume of the article should not exceed 1 a. l. = 40 thousand characters (including spaces and taking into account all footnotes), including illustrations (1 illustration with a format of 190 × 270 mm is 1/6 of the author’s sheet, or 6.7 thousand characters). The article is typed in Microsoft Office Word. Font – Times New Roman, size – 14 pt, line spacing – 1.5. Format – A4. Do NOT put hyphenations in the content of the article!

1.3. The editorial board reserves the right to scientific and literary editing of articles without changing the scientific content of the author’s version. The author is responsible for the accuracy of reproduction of names, quotes, formulas, and numbers.

1.4. The Editorial Board reserves the right to reject an article that does not comply with the List of Requirements.

1.5. The editors of the scientific journal “Transbaikal State University Journal” carry out independent review of art5cles. An article sent to the author for revision must be returned to the editors within 10 days, otherwise it will be rejected. The revised version of the article is reviewed and reviewed again.

1.6. The editors check submitted research materials in the Antiplagiat system ( The originality of the text, in accordance with Order No. 413 of Dece 15, 2021 “On checking the volume of borrowings, including content, identifying unauthorized borrowings of texts of works performed at ZabSU”), must be at least 75% (borrowings, as well as self-citations, in the text should not exceed 20 %).

1.7. The editors will send, at the author’s request, a certificate in PDF format, if there is a positive review from the editor-in-chief, about the publication for reporting to the GRANTOR (in this case, a draft certificate in Word format must be attached along with the request).

1.8.  The following documents are required for publication in the journal:
a) an anti-plagiarism test report;
b) an expert opinion on the possibility of publishing an article in the open press for 2.8.9. Mineral processing (technical sciences) (scanned copy).

1.9.  Graduate students are published ONLY in collaboration with their supervisor.

1.10. Article materials are provided ONLY by email:;

For questions regarding the publication of articles, please contact the executive secretary, Ksenia Romanovna Potapova, by phone: (3022) 21-86-38. E-mail:;

2. Completeness and form of provision of copyright copies.

2.1. Contents of the article and general rules for its design.

2.2. Requirements for the design of formulas, figures, tables.

Template for the article in Russian

Template design of an article in English 

Template design of an article in  Chinese

References for foreign authors

The editors do not provide the authors with a printed copy of the journal. After publication, the electronic version of the journal is sent to the authors by e-mail.