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    Earth science

Pavlenko Y. .
Methodological principles of studying the variability of mineral properties in the subsurface
Medyanik N. .
Mishurina O. .
Mullina E. .
Study of the copper, manganese and iron selective extraction regularities from technogenic hydromineral deposits by the neutralization method
Medyanik N. .
Mullina E. .
Mishurina O. .
Application of inorganic reagents-modifiers for the extraction of sulphur-containing impurities in the flotation of gas coals
Medyanik N. .
Leontieva E. .
Mishurina O. .
Mullina E. .
Stale tailings of copper-crusted ores flotation with the possibility of gold and silver selective extraction: resource potential analysis
Shumilova L. .
Khatkova A. .
Cherkasov  V. G.
Integral industrial system of technogenic waste utilization from mining enterprises, territorially united

Beidina  T. .
Kaplina S. .
Litovchenko A. .
Формирование транспортной политики в Монголии и возможные выгоды для России в рамках реализации внешней политики в северо-восточной Азии
Zimina N. .
Regulatory regulation of the activities of political parties in modern Russia
Potanina O. .
Digitalization of the political process of modern Russia: trends and prospects
Mladenov V. .
Zhukov  A. .
Romanova N. .
Categorization of religious and political threats in modern social discourse in the territory of the Russian Federation
Matveeva  E. .
Gladkikh S. .
The problem of corruption in state civil service аs perceived by the public (the case of a regional study)
Konkin A. .
Podcast phenomenon in the system of representation of intercultural and social-political events
Falaleev M. .
Sitdikova N. .
Nechay E. .
Deepfake as a phenomenon of political communication

Palkina E. .
Postnikov R. .
Digital transformation of production system in shipbuilding: problems and solutions
    There is an opinion...

Romanov V. .
niversal digitalization of education: a new degree of freedom for the elite and a surrogate for others

Kirdyashkin A. .