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Transbaikal State University Journal , №4 2021

    Earth science

Degodya E. .
Improvement of the technology for processing siderite ore from the Bakal deposit
Ovseychuk V. .
Zozulya A. .
Modeling of filtration processes of technological solutions in block underground leaching
Pavlenko Y. .
Phosphates of the Streltsovsky ore field of South-Eastern Transbaikalia (Part III)
Razmakhnin K. .
Strategies for the rational and integrated use of mineral raw materials based on the best available technologies and life cycle assessment of mining waste
Stale gold-bearing tailings of the Baleizoloto plant and the problem of their disposal

Beidina  T. .
Information security policy: a critical study of the content of university policy
Voronchenko T. .
Potapova K. .
«Tungus trail»: the reception of Siberian and Northern Chinese Evenks’ verbal creativity of XVIII-XXI centuries in terms of global ethnopolitical and geocultural strategies
Zimina N. .
Statutory regulation of the activities of political parties in modern Russia
Romanova I. V.
Kononov S. .
Shevchenko M. .
Shevchenko Y. .
mage of social and religious security in the region of the Russian-Chinese border in the domestic scientific literature
Romanova N. .
Zhukov  A. .
Kononov S. .
Images of social and religious security of the Russian-Chinese border region in Chinese research

Gonin  V. .
Gladkikh R. .
Identification of macroeconomic aspects affecting the scale of informal employment
Lavrikova N. .
Features of innovative potential formation of economic systems: foreign experience
Solovtsov A. .
Principle of rational land use in the digital economy
Fedoseeva S. .
Scheglov E. .
Factors of increasing the strategic competitiveness of the industrial structure of the region

Zhukov  A. .