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Transbaikal State University Journal , №6 2020

    Earth science

Abramov B. .
Formation features of ore-magmatic systems of Sherlovogorsky and khapcheranginsky Tin-polymetallic deposits of eastern Transbaikalia
Myazin V. .
Sokolova E. .
The formation of gold mining in Transbaikalia and search for further development directions by using innovations in the technology of human leap gold
Oborin M. .
Competitiveness of natural resources of the region as a factor of resort and recreational specialization development
Taskina L. .
Geochemistry of ore elements in mine waters of the Novoshirokinskoye deposit and their role in environmental pollution
Sekisov G. .
Cheban A. .
Complex structural ore blocks and their systematization
Yurgenson G. .
Gold-silver mineral association in the Shakhtaminsky ore field
Yurgenson G. .
Silver in the ore of tungsten Antonov gora deposit in Transbaikalia

Litsenberg I. .
Antropov R. .
Antropova N. .
Germany state policy in the sphere of tourism: state and features of implementation at the present stage
刘净娟 . .
Проблема «оставленных детей» в сельских поселениях КНР в рамках системного анализа политики регистрации «хукоу»
Peremyshlin S. .
Modern trends and directions of migration development in the eurasian space: political analysis
Romanov V. .
Romanova I. .
Middle class of the population of the Transbaikal Region: status and potential under the “income level” criterion

Baranova O. .
Parfenova K. .
Role of advanced development territories in the context of the institutional analysis of the economic-geographical situation of the transbaykal region
Glazyrina I. .
Zabelina I. .
Faleychik  A. .
Faleychik L. .
Application of simulation modeling in assessing the levels of social well-being in the eastern regions of the Russian Federation
Latysheva M. .
Alekseev A. .
Assessment of government support measures for agriculture in the Zabaykalsky krai

Sekisov G. .