Название статьи Regionalism approach under the COVID-19 circumstances
Авторы Расулинежад Э.. ,
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Категория Экономические науки
УДК 33.338.2
DOI 10.21209/2227-9245-2021-27-5-126-133
Тип статьи научная
Аннотация The outbreak of Covid-19 disease since late 2019 has led to fundamental changes in the process of globalization and liberalization of the world economy. In order to prevent the spread of this disease and control its negative consequences, many countries have implemented policies such as urban quarantine, cutting off passenger communication with neighboring countries and the world, closing tourist and tourist places, and implementing policies to protect domestic industries. In general, it led to the phenomenon of reverse globalization. According to the development of new economic convergence, which is based on the role of the market in economic relations between countries can play an important role in improving the productive capacity of countries in a region and create economic integration in different parts of the world. Such a state of integration in different parts of the world could be the solution to the process of globalization and in the post-Corona era, the concept of “one for all, all for one” was created at the regional and global level. As policy implications, the paper recommended some points to make a greater integration between Iran and Russia in the region
Ключевые слова COVID-19; Regionalism; Reverse-globalization; production potential; Iran; Russia
Информация о статье Расулинежад Э. Regionalism approach under the COVID-19 circumstances // Вестник Забайкальского государственного университета. 2021. Т. 27, № 5. С. 126–133. DOI: 10.21209/2227-9245-2021-27-5-126-133.
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Полный текст статьиRegionalism approach under the COVID-19 circumstances