Authors Fatiyanov I.. ,
Nikitina L.. candidate of engineering sciences, assistant professor,
Scheglova S.. candidate of engineering sciences, assistant professor, канд. техн. наук, доцент
Bibliographic description Fatyanov A. V., Nikitina L. G., Shcheglova S. A. Processing of carbonate-fluorite ore deposits of Mongolia and Transbaikal Region // Transbaikal State University Journal, 2017, vol. 23, no. 4, pp. 33—37.
Category Earth science
DOI 622.765
DOI 10.21209/2227-9245-2017-23-4-33-37
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Annotation The carbonate-fluorite ores are the most difficult of all flotation ores to be processed. Fields with such composition are growing in number nowadays but it is not possible to get rich fluorite concentrate with high recovery of a valuable component while processing them. The problem with processing is that the fluorite and calcium- containing rock-forming minerals have strong hydrophobic properties and are floated practically in the same way, which means that it is very difficult to achieve filtering of these minerals with flotation. The article deals with the issue of regulating processes of structuring of the flotation pulp dispersive medium by various methods. Two variants of technological schemes for the carbonate-fluorite ore deposits of the Transbaikal region and Mongolia are presented in the article as well as a scheme for flotation benefication of fluorite ores with the carbonate module of 0,95, consisting of the basic flotation and 8 recleaning operations, using acidic sodium silicate as a depressig agent, recommended for the domestic industry. In this case, it is possible to obtain FF-97A grade fluorite concentrate, containing — 98,28 % of CaF2 and 0,13 % of CaCO3 recovering 63,4 % of CaF2. The scheme for flotating carbonate-fluorite ores by using ON-60, a new collecting agent, is recommended for Mongolia. This scheme makes it possible to obtain FF-95B grade concentrate, containing 97,3 % of CaF2, 1,82 % of CaCO3 recovering 70,99 % of CaF2. Both technologies are recommended for applying under production-line conditions
Key words flotation benefication; fluorite ores; carbonate module; sodium silicate; concentrate; recovery; flotation; carbonate unit; intensification; structuring
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