Article name POVERTY IN PANDEMIC COVID-19: SOCIAL AND POLITICAL ANALYSIS (Part 1. Poverty and its reasons in the XX-XXI centuries)
Authors Ivanova M.. ,
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Category Politology
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DOI 10.21209/2227-9245-2022-28-1-99-107
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Annotation The article deals with the problem of pandemic poverty in the context of public policy and international relations. The relevance of the topic is due to the growing number of needy population on the planet in conditions of COVID-19 and the need for policy measures to reduce it. Object of the study: the phenomenon of poverty in the context of the pandemic. Subject of the research: the main political factors influencing the dynamics of poverty in the context of the pandemic. Objective of the study: to identify the potential of public policy and international relations in the fight against poverty in the context of the pandemic. Research objectives: 1) to clarify the categorical apparatus of poverty research, 2) to give a system characteristic of the features of the world community in the XX-XXI centuries, which changed the phenomenon of consumption, 3) to analyze the influence of international relations on the dynamics of poverty during the pandemic, 4) to determine the difficulties and opportunities of Russian state policy aimed at overcoming poverty in the conditions of the pandemic. The study used a systemic approach, formational, stadial-civilizational, anthropological and logical methods. As a result of studies of poverty and the current political situation in the world, scientists defined the concept of poverty, its criteria, presented a classification of its types and causes, as well as ways to combat it. The impact of the pandemic on the growth of poverty was analyzed, the main contradictions in modern international relations were identified. The author\'s scientific contribution consists in the analysis of the main political factors of influence on the dynamics of poverty in the pandemic. The author\'s contribution is represented by the following results. If before the middle of the XX century the technical and technological causes of poverty were the determining ones, in the modern society the political causes of poverty dominate. In the conditions of the pandemic, such traditional political factors of negative impact on the dynamics of poverty, as a high level of corruption in the field of management and instability in international relations, distracting a huge part of the budget to the sphere of defense are intensified. This article is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the social analysis of poverty and its causes in the XX-XXI centuries. The second part presents an analysis of the political factors influencing the dynamics of poverty in the pandemic
Key words Key words: poverty criteria, absolute poverty, affluence, needs, causes of poverty, pandemic, international relations, public policy, globalization, \"new normalcy\", political elites
Article information Ivanova M. Poverty in pandemic COVID-19: social and political analysis (Part 1. Poverty and its reasons in the history of society) // Transbaikal State University Journal, 2022, vol. 28, no. 1, pp. 99-107.DOI: 10.21209/2227-9245-2022-28-1-99-107.
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Full articlePOVERTY IN PANDEMIC COVID-19: SOCIAL AND POLITICAL ANALYSIS (Part 1. Poverty and its reasons in the XX-XXI centuries)