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Transbaikal State University Journal vol. 24, 2018, № 6, №6 2018

    Full version of the journal


Dugina E. .
Garmaeva L. .
Dugin A. .
Assessment of the food security state in the region under the conditions of the sanctions economy
Namkhanova M. .
Alesina N. .
Malakhov E. .
Совершенствование региональной системы управления проектами государственно-частного партнерства по модернизации социальной инфраструктуры
Oborin M. .
National Agriculture of the Russian Federation in the structure of the global market
Rubtsova N. .
Factors of the effectiveness of tourist and recreational services area of the region: theoretical and applied aspects
    Earth science

Zhirkov A. .
Zheleznyak M. .
Permyakov P. .
Kirillin A. .
Verkhoturov A. .
Infiltration Influence of liquid atmospheric precipitation on the formation of the temperature regime of frozen soils
Zabolotnik P. .
Zabolotnik S. .
Impact of buildings of the Yakutsk thermal power plant on the condition of the frozen ground foundation
Kolomoets A. .
Conditions of Kumakskoye deposit generation of black shale formation (Orenburg region)
Oborin M. .
Oborin M. .
Natural and climatic conditions as a factor of increasing the competitiveness of plant growing in the region
Solotchina E. .
Sklyarov E. .
Strakhovenko V. .
Zhdanova A. .
Danilenko I. .
Solotchin, P. .
Authigenic carbonate formation in shallow lacustrine basins of Western Transbaikalia
Glotov V. .
Maksimova E. .
The economic and organizational mechanism for mining equipment repair transferring work and services of to the specialized organizations

Barkalova I. .
Lobanov K. .
Evolution of the European unity idea in Western Europe and role of the FRG in this process (1950–1960 s.)
Kim E. .
Konopyanova  L. .
Cooperation between Central Asia and Japan
Ni  T. .
Cultural Branding in of the context of the design of the image of the Chinese regions (on the example of Jiansuu province)
Popil V. .
Tourist brands’ symbols of constituent entity of the Far Eastern Federal District as a tool for managing the development of territories
Rinchinov A. .
RinchinovA. Xi Jinpings“Chinese Dream” in context of nation-building process in PRG
    There is an opinion...

Yuditskih E. .
Practical experience of electrical resistivity application by the tomography of induced polarization method at the Pilnensko-Dmitrievsky ore field of Eastern Transbaikalia: searching for golden ore zones