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Transbaikal State University Journal vol. 23, №4 2017

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    Earth science

Zaslonovsky V. .
Semeniuk M. .
Kudryavtseva O. .
Determination of background indicators of water quality of the river Ingoda based on long-term observations
Maskaykin V. .
Runkov S. .
Kiryushin  A. .
Geomorphological evidence of changes in the river network of the Insara-Sivinsky site
Oborin M. .
Structural problems of agricultural manufacture and directions of their solutions
Pavlenko Y. .
Agro-industrial geology: shivirtuin
Afanasyev A. .
Potapov V. .
Stozhkov D. .
Potapov V. .
The separation of sulphide ore by the induction radio resonance method (IRM)
Hamrakulov I. .
The organization of modern phenological observations in the territory of the forest-steppe zone of the Bashkir Pre-urals as the climate change forecasting condition
Yazikov E. .
Talovskaya A. .
Shakhova T. .
Chemical elements in soils in the vicinity of oil refineries (caze studi Omsk, Achinsk, Pavlodar)
Kazantseva N. .
Knyazeva E. .
The reasons for the of the United States the causes of Latin American separatism growth in southern states of the USA
Chimitdorzhieva E. .
Forecasting of revenue stream non-uniformity of the consolidated budget of the Siberian federal district regions of the Siberian federal district

Matveeva E. .
Ukraintsev I. .
Ukraintseva D. .
Social risks management in the local self-government (following the materials of expert assessment)
Safronov  A. .
The development of civic culture of youth in the federal and regional political agendas is exemplified by presidential and gubernatorial messages to the legislative authorities

Volokitina V. .
Gedich T. .
Methodical approach to the definition of insurance stock of goods of commercial values for corporate enterprises
Malyshev  E. .
Belyaev D. .
Kashurnikova T. .
Tax regulation of small business at the municipal level
Ruposov  V. .
Bayaskalanova  T. .
Chlachula  J. .
Research of features of pre-sowing stage of venture financing of innovation projects
Halimbekov K. .
Fastovets I. .
Magomedova F. .
Forecasting the need of republic of Dagestan,s economy for specialists with professional education