Journal history

Scientific activity is the most important accreditation indicator of the university. In order to convince the university staff’s results of research activities to the general scientific community, a scientific journal “Vestnik ZabGU” has been published by the Transbaikal State University since 1995. Its name was changed in accordance with changes in the status of the university: “Bulletin of the Chita Polytechnic Institute”, “Bulletin of the Chita State Technical University”, “Bulletin of the Chita State University”.

The scientific concept and ideology of the Journal is implemented by the Editorial Board. Members of the Editorial Board are major scientists representing universities as well as scientific centers of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Magnitogorsk, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Kemerovo, Ulan-Ude, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Chita and other cities of our country. The members of the international editorial board are well-known scientists from China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Romania, Greece, Iran, Bulgaria, Sweden, Japan, Vietnam, the Kyrgyz Republic, and others.

The first issue of the Bulletin of the Chita Polytechnic Institute was published in 1995 by Moscow State University Press under scientific editorship of Victor Fedorovich Kuzin, doctor of technical sciences, professor. It is symbolic that the issue was dedicated to the blessed memory of the first rector of the Chita Polytechnic Institute, Yury Veniaminovich Kulagin.

The next two issues were also published by the Moscow State University Press, because our university did not possess its own printing facilities at that time.

In 1997, with the appearance of the first printing equipment in the publishing house of the university, the Journal began to be published on its own printing facilities. The Journal was published in a fascicle version.

The appearance of thermal bookbinding machine allowed to improve the design of the Journal and give the edition a bookish look. At first it was a small-format edition, and later the Journal had become a large-format one.

The publication was constantly improving, both in terms of interior and cover design.

The advent of the full-colour printing press has made it possible to significantly improve the design of the Journal. At first, only the cover has become colourful, and only then the entire illustrative Journal.

A modern university scientific periodical includes not only articles, but also materials reflecting the current scientific life of the university. In our journal these are the following headings:

‒ “Editor’s Column”;

‒ “Chronicle of Scientific Life”;

‒  “The work of the dissertation councils of ZabGU.”

‒  “There is an opinion…”;

‒  “Anniversary Date.”

To acquaint readers with the author, we present the scope of his scientific and research interest, publish abstracts of articles in Russian and English.

Our journal is widely known. Articles for publication come practically from all cities of Russia and even abroad. Each article is scientifically reviewed by members of the editorial board and is submitted for publication on a competitive basis.

Our joint efforts in the preparation and publication of the Transbaikal State University Journal are marked by the following awards:

‒  Diploma for contribution to Transbaikal science (Exhibition-presentation “Chita Book-2006”);

‒  Honorary diploma in the competition “The best scientific publication”, nomination “Periodicals” (Far East exhibition “Pechatny dvor”, 2007);

‒ Diploma in the competition “The best scientific book”, category “Periodicals” (Far Eastern exhibition “Pechatny dvor”, 2008);

‒  Diploma in the nomination “Journal of the Year” (First Regional Festival “Transbaikal Book, 2009/2010);

‒ Diploma in the nomination “Best University Periodicals” (V International Contest “University Book – 2010”);

‒  Diploma (Second Regional Festival “Transbaikal Book – 2011/2012);

‒  Diploma “The best scientific book”, nomination “Periodicals” (XXIII Far East Exhibition-Fair “Printed Yard-2022”).