Publication ethics


The editorial policy of the Journal is based on traditional ethical principles of Russian scientific periodicals and is guided in its activities by the international rules of copyright protection, provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation – 70 CC RF “Copyright”, which is built in accordance with ethical norms of work of editors and publishers, enshrined in the Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors and the Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers (Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers), developed and published by the Journal’s Publishing Department. The editors ask the authors to follow the following guidelines.

  1. The article is provided in electronic version in Russian.
  2. The article submitted to the journal must be a completed scientific research and contain new scientific results.
  3. It is not allowed to send to the editors the articles that have already been published or sent for publication in other journals. The author is responsible for the content of the article. The Editorial Board has the right to withdraw the article already published, if it turns out that during the publication of the article have been violated someone’s rights or generally accepted standards of scientific ethics. The Editorial Board is obliged to inform the author about the fact of withdrawal of the article.
  4. The electronic version of the article is accompanied by: an expert opinion on the possibility of publishing in the open press; a review of the scientific supervisor or a specialist in the researched field; a report from the Anti-Plagiarism system. In addition, the contact phone number and e-mail address of the author for prompt feedback are obligatory.
  5. The decision on the publication is made by the Editorial Board on the basis of the review of a specialist in this or a related field.
  6. Manuscripts and accompanying documents not accepted for publication will not be returned.
  7. Submitting an article to the Editorial Board means that the authors agree with the stated rules and agree to place the full version of the article in the Internet on the official website of the scientific electronic library LIBRARY.RU, Cyberleninka, on the website of the university.


Authors submitting their work for publication in the journal “Transbaikal State University Journal” guarantee that the articles are original (have not been previously published in other editions), are not under consideration by the editors of other publications. The authors confirm that their publication does not violate any of the existing copyrights.

Source of funding

If the article was produced as part of a research study funded by any organization, the authors provide an appropriate citation and indicate the source of funding.


All articles sent to the Editorial Board undergo an independent internal review procedure.

Articles are evaluated according to the following criteria: originality, scientific relevance, interpretation of research results, bibliography.

Independent reviewers receive from the Editorial Board the confirmed list of criteria, according to which the work is evaluated.

If the author does not agree with the results of the reviewing, the work may be sent for a second anonymous review.

Decision to publish the paper

The decision to publish an article is made at the meeting of the Editorial Board based on the results of internal independent reviewing. The Editorial Board reserves the right not to publish works that do not correspond to the subject of the journal and have not undergone review.




The Editor-in-Chief, members of the Editorial Board, members of the Editorial Board must not disclose information about the submitted manuscript.

Commission on Publication Ethics of the scientific journal “Transbaikal State University Journal”

Shumilova L.V. ‒ chairman of the commission, doctor of technical sciences, professor, Water Management, Environmental and Industrial Safety department, editor-in-chief of the Journal,

Myazin V.  P. ‒ doctor of technical sciences, professor.

Gorodkova S. A. ‒ doctor of economic sciences, professor.

Beydina T.  E. ‒ doctor of political sciences, professor.

Potapova K. R. ‒ executive secretary of the Journal