Ryspanov Nurlan Bektasovich

Academic degree
Doctor of Technical Sciences
Scientific direction
Technical science
A country

In 1991, he defended his dissertation for Candidate of Technical Sciences at Moscow State Technical University. Bauman, Moscow. After completing his postgraduate studies, he worked at the Pavlodar Industrial Institute as a senior lecturer and senior researcher. In 1993, he was appointed director of the scientific and engineering center at the Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Pavlodar.

In 1997, head of the Pavlodar regional department of industry, transport and communications.

In 1999, Director of the Industry Department of the Ministry of Energy, Industry and Trade of the Republic of Kazakhstan
2000 Director of the Heavy Industry Department of the Ministry of Mineral Resources.

In 2001, he was appointed General Director of the Tau-Ken mining and metallurgical company at the Shalkiya lead-zinc deposit in the Kyzylorda region.

In the period 2003-2005 he worked in the uranium industry of Kazakhstan, where he headed a uranium mining company.
In 2009, he was appointed to the position of Vice President of NAC Kazatomprom JSC for science and production.

In 2010, he defended his dissertation for Doctor of Technical Sciences. The topic of the dissertation is “Theoretical foundations of heap leaching of metals.” Ryspanov N.B. The law of heap leaching of metals was discovered.

For achievements in the field of science and production, the titles of Academic Advisor, Corresponding Member, Academician of the National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Academician of the International Engineering Academy were alternately awarded.

In 2014, he was elected an Honorary Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Since 2014, he has been a Member of the International Organizing Committee of the World Mining Congress.

In May 2016, at the founding meeting of mining scientists, the National Academy of Mining Sciences and N.B. Ryspanov was created. was unanimously elected President of the Academy.