Information Policy

The Transbaikal State University Journal is included into the list of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications in which the main scientific results of dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences with the latest domestic and world achievements should be published in the following areas: Earth and Environmental Sciences. Subsoil and Mining Sciences. Political Science. Economics.

Since 2007 the supplement to the Journal “Vestnik ZabGU” “Aspirant”, which presents the works of young scientists, postgraduates and undergraduates, has been published. Since 2023 the publishing of the supplement to the Transbaikal State University Journal “Aspirant” has been temporarily suspended.

The journal “Vestnik ZabGU” refers to quartile K1, according to the distribution of journals included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific publications of State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles. This fact determines the demand for and value of journals in the scientific community, according to quantitative indicators (scientific citation indices of the publication and authors published on its pages, the frequency of views of the publication articles during the year) and qualitative indicators (level of authors’ authority, uniqueness and quality of their articles, level of the reviewing organization and founding organization).

Information about the quartiles of journals accepted by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles is addressed to postgraduates, doctoral candidates and university professors, who choose the edition for publication of the scientific research results. After the publication in the journals of international databases ceased to be mandatory, the representatives of the Russian scientific community have to choose the journals approved by the Commission for publication. Now the articles published in the K1 quartile journals will be equal in status to the articles published in the journals previously included in the international databases. Such publications will become an admission to the candidate and doctoral thesis defence.

Transbaikal State University Journal is included into the system of the Russian Science Citation Index (e-library). The journal is registered in the International bibliographic database: Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory; VINITI RAS.

“Vestnik ZabGU” and scientific articles of the authors have DOI (Digital Object Identifier), which literally means “digital object identifier”. For Russian scientists and authors of scientific papers, the use of the code means an ability to work conveniently with any digital data and materials, constant access to the necessary information, an ability to view and review, to specify the storage location and other characteristics. Assignment of the code does not mean automatic entry of the object in the world scientific databases, but considerably increases the rating of the material in the scientific environment. Among the main advantages of using the DOI code are the following:

‒ systematization and increase the degree of reliability in organizing the storage of materials on the resources of the Internet;

‒ systematization and simplification of work with any digital data, including scientific articles and papers, in the aspects of search, study and other criteria;

‒  increasing the number of audiences who will be able to read a particular work;

‒ elimination of errors in the storage of an article or work in case of accidental omissions and inaccuracies in the title, name of publication and period of publication. If a publication has such a code, it can be found easily and quickly, regardless of how correctly it has been stored online up to that point;

‒ increasing the degree of recognition and popularity of the author of the material, increasing the recognition and citation index of the material itself;

‒ possibility to work with a particular material within the framework of international platforms and world scientific databases.