TUGANOV Yuri Nikolaevich

Chief Researcher, Doctor of Law,

Professor, Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation

Areas of scientific interest: organization of judicial and law enforcement activities, military and administrative law, legal support of national security, administrative proceedings, legal liability of military personnel and civil servants.

After graduating from the Higher Border Command School (Alma-Ata) in 1979, he was sent to the Red Banner Transbaikal Border District, where he served in various officer positions (head of a border post, staff officer, head of the legal service of the district).

In 1991 he graduated from the Faculty of Law of Irkutsk State University with a specialization in civil law.

From March 1998, judge of the Chita Garrison Military Court and from August 1999 to December 2008 – judge of the East Siberian District Military Court, judicial panel for civil cases, city. Chita.

Since 2008, honorably retired judge, 1st qualification class judge.

Since 2003, part-time associate professor, and since 2010, professor of the department of civil law and civil procedure of the Faculty of Law of Transbaikal (formerly Chita) State University.

In 2003 he defended his candidate’s dissertation, and in 2009 – his doctoral dissertation on the topic: “Legal support of military discipline in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.”

Since July 2012, chief researcher at the Russian State University of Justice.

Since 2015 – Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation. Since April 2016 – professor, independent anti-corruption expert.

Scientific supervisor of 5 candidates of legal sciences. Provides scientific supervision to graduate students in the scientific specialty 12.00.11 “Judicial activities, prosecutorial activities, human rights and law enforcement activities” and 12.00.14 “Administrative law; administrative process.”

Tuganov Yu.N. is a member of the editorial boards of such journals as “Law in the Armed Forces – Military Legal Review”, “Military Law”, “Military Legal Journal”, “Bulletin of the Transbaikal University”, Bulletin of Military Law, Bulletin of the Russian Customs Academy, “Bulletin of the Ekaterininsky Institute”, on the pages of which you can find an analysis of legislation, judicial practice, reviews and comments from leading experts from government agencies, legal scholars, and leading law schools in the country. A number of these publications are included in the list of periodicals recommended by the Higher Attestation Commission.