Voskresensky Alexey Dmitrievich

Doctor of Political Sciences, PhD, Professor

Center for Comprehensive Chinese Studies and Regional Projects
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– Institute of Asian and African Countries at Moscow State University, 1982 (diploma with honors);
– Singapore National University, 1983;
– Fudan University, Shanghai, 1986;
– Beijing Linguistic University, 1987;
– Alliense Française, Paris, 1992;
– Public School, University of Maryland, USA, 1993;
– Victoria University of Manchester, UK, 1997.

Foreign languages: Chinese, ancient Chinese (Wenyan), French, English.

Scientific and labor activities:

In 1999–2007 – Head of the Department of Oriental Studies at MGIMO.
2008–2017 – Dean of the Faculty of Political Science at MGIMO.

Member of the Public Council of the Ministry of Eastern Development, member of the BRICS National Research Committee, researcher at the Center for Russian and Central Asian Studies at Shandong University of the People’s Republic of China, honorary researcher at the Center for Afro-Asian Studies at the University of Reading (UK). Deputy Chairman of the Central Board of the Russian-Chinese Friendship Society; member of the Public Council of the newspaper “Russia – China”; member of the European Association of Chinese Studies; member of the Russian Association of Chinese Studies; Member of the Association of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences; member of the Kennan Institute Association, co-chairman of the Educational and Methodological Council on Foreign Regional Studies of the Educational Institution of Russian Universities for International Relations; member of the Presidium of the UMO of Russian universities in political science; member of the Dissertation Council of the Institute of Cinematography of the Russian Academy of Sciences; member of the Dissertation Council of the National Research University Higher School of Economics; member of the Scientific Council of RAPN; Member of Editorial Advisory Board at Kalinga Institute of Indo-Pacific Studies (Odisha, India); editor-in-chief of the journal “Comparative Politics”.