Potapov Valentin Yakovlevich

• Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor
Graduated from the Sverdlovsk Order of the Red Banner of Labor Mining Institute. V.V.Vakhrusheva (1979) with a degree in “Electrification and automation of open-pit mining”, mining electrical engineer. He has been working at the USGU (SGI, UGGGA) since 1973 after serving in the army: 1973 -1975 laboratory assistant, 1975 ‒1978 senior laboratory assistant.
After graduating from the institute, he remained in it: 1978‒1980 ‒ engineer, 1980‒1981 ‒ senior engineer, 1981‒1984 ‒ junior researcher, 1984‒1992 ‒ senior researcher in the department of Mineral Processing, 1993‒1995 ‒ assistant of the department “Mining Mechanics”, 1995‒1996 ‒ deputy. Dean for educational and economic work in the dormitory of the State Medical Faculty, 1995‒2000 ‒ senior lecturer, 2000‒2013 ‒ associate professor, since 2013 – professor.
The main works are devoted to the issue of preliminary enrichment, development, modeling and research of devices for separating ores according to physical characteristics, development of technologies for processing mineral and technogenic raw materials.
Awarded the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions badge “For active work in a trade union group” (1986), “Certificate of Honor from the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation” (2003), “Honored Worker of Higher Professional Education of the Russian Federation” (2007), laureate of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk Region Prize in the category “Assistant Professor of the Year” ” in the direction of “Technical Sciences” (2013). He was awarded the 2015 RAE competition among teachers of Russian universities ‒ the “M. Lomonosov Medal” and a diploma with the badge “Golden Department of Russia” for his contribution to science and domestic education and lecturing skills.
Member of the dissertation council in the specialty 05.05.06 “Mining machines”. From 2015‒2016 worked on the expert council of the Urals Federal District “Minute of Techno Glory”, “Scientific Olympus”, “UMNIK”. Member of the editorial board of the scientific and technical magazine “Izvestia” of USGU. Supervises the work of graduate students: 3 candidate dissertations have been prepared for defense.