Matveev Andrey Innokentievich

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Chief Researcher, Head of the Mineral Processing Laboratory.
In 1983 he graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys (specialty “mineral processing”). In 1993 he defended his dissertation for the academic degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences in specialty 05.15.11. “Physical processes of mining production” on the topic: “Development of flotation technology for tin-containing sludge at the Central Processing Plant of the Deputatsky Mining and Processing Plant using acoustic fields.” In 2004, he defended his doctoral dissertation in the specialty 25.00.13 “Beneficiation of mineral resources” on the topic: “Technologies for dry dressing of ores of small primary deposits and gold ore occurrences based on modular mobile units.” He has the academic title of senior researcher.
He has been working at the IGDS SB RAS since 1989.
Area of scientific research: processes of disintegration of high-clay sands and lump ore geomaterials, enrichment of useful components, separation of minerals in water and air environments with the application of various physical fields (magnetic and ultrasonic) to them to intensify processes.

Main results:
• the mechanism of the intensifying effect of ultrasound on the flotation process of enrichment of tin-containing sludge in a thin layer of pulp has been revealed and experimentally confirmed. The dependence of the crushability of the material on the degree of sequential increase in the relative speed of the impact interaction of pieces of ore with each other and with the surface of the working parts of the apparatus has been established;
• quantitative criteria for the separation of mineral raw materials directly at the deposit were proposed and justified, according to technological parameters and the content of useful components, which form the basis for the use of modular processing and enrichment technologies;
• under the leadership of A.I. Matveev is developing a new scientific direction to develop the fundamentals of dry enrichment of various ore mineral raw materials, a methodology for determining the degree of disintegration of geomaterials, as objects with a complex internal structure and texture in the processes of crushing and grinding, has been substantiated, the patterns of disintegration of rocks under intense mechanical influences of the disclosure of monomineral useful components have been established, the scientific basis for the separation of minerals according to their migration ability in an artificially created mineral-air flow has been developed;
• the problems of creating promising technological reserves have been solved: methods have been developed for the destruction of lump geomaterials by repeated dynamic impacts in the disintegration mode, enrichment of minerals of high and medium density mineral mixtures in artificially created aerodynamic flows;
• highly efficient prototypes of mining and processing equipment have been developed and tested: crushers of multiple dynamic impact RD-MDV-900, DKD-300, centrifugal crushers TsMVU-800 and VCI-1500, pneumatic separators POS-2000 and VPS-500, fundamental designs have been developed and are being designed a number of new ore preparation and pneumatic enrichment devices. The highest degree of crushing for the new RD-MDV-900 crusher with a value of 12 has been established. The effectiveness of testing an autonomous dry enrichment complex with new safe environmental standards for the processing of gold ores has been shown, allowing for the complete disclosure and extraction of free gold with a particle size from 10,000 to 100 microns.

Matveev A.I. author of 364 scientific works, including 5 monographs and 67 copyright certificates and patents of the Russian Federation.