Ghazaryan Varazdat Hmayakovich

Russian energy scientist, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation. One of the founders of the scientific school of underground storage of gas, oil and gas condensate. Author of a number of progressive technologies for the construction and operation of underground storage facilities in rock salt[4].
Kazaryan is one of the founders of the Russian school of large-scale underground accumulation of energy carriers of various types (light hydrocarbons, oil and petroleum products, liquefied hydrocarbon gases, hydrogen, air, helium, oxygen) in reservoirs created in stable impenetrable rocks. Author of numerous works on the technology of construction and operation of large-scale underground energy storage batteries. He conducted a large amount of research on high-intensity, non-stationary processes of heat and mass transfer in a closed volume in two- and three-layer systems consisting of compressible and incompressible liquids, taking into account the thermal conductivity of the rock mass enclosing the underground reservoir and the geothermal gradient.
He established the “braking effect” of the reaction surface depending on the regime of hydrodynamic fluid flow. These studies made it possible to develop methods for controlling mass transfer during underground dissolution of rocks and calculation methods for determining the parameters of heat and mass transfer processes during the operation of underground accumulators of gas and oil products.
Kazaryan is one of the authors who first proposed the technology of underground storage of helium and hydrogen and CO2 burial. Under his leadership and direct participation, technology was developed and an air accumulator was designed as part of an air-storage gas turbine power plant.
Highly efficient technologies for the construction of underground accumulators for gases and liquids, developed with the direct participation of Kazaryan, in some cases have no analogues in world practice (double-tier tanks, tunnel-type tanks, construction using gaseous non-solvents, etc.), are currently being successfully implemented.
Kazaryan takes an active part in the training of highly qualified specialists – candidates and doctors of science, and is the author of 30 inventions and patents and more than 200 scientific papers.