Zelinskaya Elena Valentinovna

Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Deputy Chairman of the Commission, Department of Mineral Processing and Environmental Protection named after. S.B.Leonova – Professor, Scientific supervisor for postgraduate studies –

Areas of scientific activity:

Comprehensive assessment of the impact of production on ecosystems at various levels
Theory and technology for the extraction and concentration of useful components from mineral raw materials of natural and man-made origin.
Lecture courses:

Economic methods of waste management
Ecological and economic analysis of environmental activities
Industrial hazardous waste management
Economic fundamentals of environmental management
Theory and methods of environmental impact assessment
Economics and forecasting of industrial environmental management.
The topic of the dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Technical Sciences (2003): “Theoretical justification and development of technologies for the selective extraction of alkali and alkaline earth metals from underground brines.” Specialty 25.00.13 – Mineral processing.

The topic of the dissertation for the scientific degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences (1992) is “Intensification of flotation of tungsten-containing ores using organic dispersants.” Specialty 05.15.08 – Mineral processing.