Dunets Alexander Nikolaevich

Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor. Member of the Commission for Tourism Development of the Russian Geographical Society.

Participation in scientific projects

“The concept of organizing the Kolyvan National Park” (1999);
“Development of scientific foundations for sustainable development of inland mountain areas (Altai-Sayan mountain region)” (2000);
“Study of anthropogenic transformation and urbanization of mountain systems (Altai-Sayan ecoregion)”, federal scientific and technical progress 2000−2004.
30 territorial planning schemes for municipal districts of the Altai Territory (2007−2010);
section “Assessment of the state and prospects for development of the recreational cluster of the Altai Republic” to the “Territorial Planning Scheme of the Altai Republic” (2008);
development of a project for planning the territory of the Siberian Coin gambling zone in the Altai Territory (2009);
carrying out work within the framework of the target program “Development of rural tourism in the Altai Territory 2009−2012.” (development of a catalog of rural guest houses (2011, 2012), selo22 website, etc.);
“Development of tourist routes in Western Mongolia” (2010);
“Tourist map of the Altai Territory” M 1: 500,000 (2008)
Interregional cross-border route “Cossack Horseshoe of Altai” (2011);
TEMPUS project “Training masters in tourism for Siberian regions” (2009−2011);
RFBR grant “Comprehensive assessment of the tourist and recreational potential of the belt forests of the Altai Territory for the purpose of territorial planning of tourism and recreation” (2012);
Development of tourist and excursion routes around Barnaul and its suburbs (2012);
Development of the concept of the historical and cultural cluster “Barnaul – Gornozavodskoy”
Project TEMPUS “Tourism Lifelong Learning network” (2013−2015);
“Development of new tourist routes united by the thematic focus “Historical Altai”: “Polzunovsky Route”, “Chumysh Valley” and “Islands and Marinas of the Upper Ob” (2013).
development of maps of branded tourist routes of the Altai Territory “Big Golden Ring”, “Small Golden Ring”, “Cossack Horseshoe of Altai”. (2015)
RNGF 15−13−22601 “Cossacks on the territory of the Altai Territory in the historical
sociological and linguocultural aspect: formation, current state, development trends.” (2015)