Shadrunova Irina Vladimirovna

Born in 1957, mining and processing engineer, graduated from the Magnitogorsk Mining and Metallurgical Institute in 1979, postgraduate studies at the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys in 1983, and doctoral studies at IPKON RAS in 2003. Head Department of Mining Ecology of the Institute for Problems of Integrated Development of Subsoil of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor of the Department of Mineral Processing of Magnitogorsk State Technical University.

Key Experience:
Complex extraction of non-ferrous and precious metals from ores and mining waste;
Intensive low-temperature processes of leaching of georesources.
Development and implementation of resource-saving geotechnologies for the development of technogenic deposits and preventing their negative impact on the environment.
Based on the development of the theory and practice of the processes of opening difficult ores and enrichment products, she theoretically and experimentally substantiated the physical and chemical technology for processing substandard and technogenic copper-containing georesources, ensuring an increase in the completeness and efficiency of subsoil development, obtaining additional commercial copper and reducing the environmental load.

Under her leadership, a major scientific problem is being solved to justify the choice and mechanism for extracting heavy metal ions using a set of physical and chemical methods for the creation and implementation of resource-generating technologies for processing technogenic water from mining enterprises and reducing the environmental load on the industrial region, which is of great national economic importance.

Corresponding member RANS (2006)

Winner of the award named after. I.N. Plaksina (2010)

Laureate of the “Engineer of the Year” competition (2006) in the “Mining and Underground Construction” category in the “Professional Engineers” version