Ulrich Dmitry Vladimirovich

Position: Institute Director
Academic degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences
Academic title: Associate Professor
Scientific agronomist-ecologist; master engineer
Advanced training and (or) professional retraining: Technologies for preparing electronic educational complexes for master’s programs (2022)
Anti-corruption in higher education (2022)
University development strategy. SUSU in the Priority-2030 program (2022)
Current problems of state and municipal administration (2022)
Project management as a tool for university development (2021)
The use of financial management tools in university management in the context of digital transformation of the economy (2021)
University Human Resource Management (2021)
Anti-corruption in the education system (2020)
Fundamentals of eLearning (2017)
Civil defense and emergency protection (2017)
Energy-saving technologies in water supply of cities and industrial enterprises. Protection of surface and ground waters (2014)
Training and testing of knowledge of labor protection requirements for managers and specialists (2014)
Energy-saving technologies for surface and waste water treatment (2014)
Management in a higher education institution. Department management (2013)
Theoretical, technological and technical foundations of energy and resource conservation in water use in the social sphere (2013)
Analysis of the effectiveness of energy- and resource-saving advanced methods for the protection and restoration of water bodies (2013)
Modern energy-saving technologies in water supply and sanitation systems (2012)
German language (2012)
Energy resource saving in water supply and sanitation systems (2011)
General industrial safety requirements. Chemical, petrochemical and petroleum refining industries (2011)
Total work experience: 19 years
Work experience in specialty: 18 years