Orekhova Natalia Nikolaevna

Higher education. In 1993 she graduated from the Magnitogorsk State Mining and Metallurgical Institute named after. G.I. Nosov, specializing in “Rational use of water resources and disposal of industrial wastewater.”

Direction of training and (or) diploma specialty: engineer.

Total work experience: Central Logistics Center of OJSC MMK, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “MSTU named after. G.I. Nosov”, responsible executive, head of state projects. assignments of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, contractual work, grants from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

Disciplines taught: Mining ecology, Study of ores for beneficiation, Study of processes and technologies of mineral processing, Fundamentals of scientific research, Materials science and technology of structural materials, Geology, Mine surveying documentation

Lecture courses prepared and delivered previously: Processes and apparatus for wastewater treatment, Rational use of water resources, Wastewater treatment, Reclamation of watersheds, Hydrology and flow regulation, Fundamentals of mineral processing, Auxiliary processes for dehydration of enrichment products, Materials science

Degree, title: Doctor of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor.

Position: professor of the department of GMDIOPI.

Direction of training in the disciplines taught: 05/21/04 “Mining”.

2014 “European experience in waste management and environmental safety” (Hannover, Germany).
2015 “Environmental education in transport” (Kiev, Ukraine) TEMPUS EcoBRU.
2015 “Development of a system of continuous environmental education based on advanced training courses for teachers of general and secondary specialized education” (Minsk, Belarus) TEMPUS EcoBRU.

In 2019, she completed training at the Institute of Additional Professional Education and Personnel Engineering of MSTU “Horizon” in the programs “Inclusive education at the university”, “Use of the modular object-oriented dynamic learning environment MOODLE for the creation and maintenance of training courses (entry level)”, ” Providing first aid in educational organizations.”

Work experience in the specialty: more than 26 years.


More than 80 scientific publications, 56 of which are included in the RSCI system, 4 in SCOPUS

The most significant publications:
1. Formation and complex processing of natural-technogenic waters during the exploitation of copper-zinc-pyrite deposits: monograph / N.N. Orekhova, I.V. Shadrunova – Magnitogorsk: Magnitogorsk State. Technical University named after G. I. Nosova, 2015.
2. Extraction of non-ferrous metals from hydromineral resources: theory and practice: monograph / I.V. Shadrunova, N.N. Orekhova. Institution of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Institute for Problems of Integrated Development of Subsoil. Moscow, 2009.
3.Shadrunova I.V., Sabanova M.N., Orekhova N.N., Gorlova O.E., Chekushina T.V. Efficiency of use of collecting agents for increase of extraction values by copper, gold and silver flotation from complex slags of copper-smelting production. Metallurgical and Mining Industry. 2016. T. 7. pp. 69-75.
4. Chanturia V. A., Minenko V. G., Lunin V. D., Shadrunova I. V., Orekhova N. N. Electrochemical Technology of Water Treatment in Cu-Zn Pyritic Ore Flotation and Leaching Processes. Journal Non-ferrous Metals, vol. 3, pp. 106-111, 2008.
5.Feofanov V.A., Dzyubinsky F.A., Shadrunova I.V., Orekhova N.N. Copper extraction from technogenic waters a galvanokoagulyatsiya method. Proceedings of XXIV International Mineral Processing Congress, China, Beijing, 2008, – pp 3971 – 3977.
6.Shadrunova I.V., Orekhova N.N. Potential involvement of mining and smelting waste in recycling of amended resources. Balkan Mineral Processing Congress Tusla, 14-16.juni 2011: book of papers.: Tusla:Off-set:Library Dervis Susic, 2011. – pp. 752–756.
7. Shadrunova I. V., Volkova N. A. Orekhova N. N. Comprehensive waste treatment technologies for copper industry. XXVI International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC) 2012 Proceedings /new Delhi, India/ 24 – 28 September 2012: Conference Proceedings.– pp 3998-4010, 2012.
8. Sabanova M. N., Savin A. G., Shadrunova I. V., Orekhova N. N. Typification of Ural region copper slags; practice and prospects of flotation processing at operating concentration plants. Journal Non-ferrous metals, vol. 8, pp. 14-19, 2013
9. Sabanova M. N., Shadrunova I. V., Orekhova N. N., Gorlova O. E. Flotation of copper slags in conditions of closed water circulation of concentration plant Journal Non-ferrous metals, vol. 10, pp. 16-24, 2014
10.Orekhova N.N., Shadrunova I.V. A Process for Advanced Recycling of Water Originating from Mining Operations, with Metal Recovery. Mine Water and the Environment (Impact Factor: 1.21). vol. 1, pp. 1 -19, 2015; DOI: 10.1007/s10230-015-0338-4

Additional Information:
2010 Laureate of the Corresponding Member Award of the USSR Academy of Sciences. I.N. Plaksina
Scopus Author ID: 55830145800