Sinitsa Sofya Mikhaildovna

Soviet and Russian geologist, professor; Corresponding Member of the International Academy of Mineral Resources, Full Member (Academician) of the Russian Ecological Academy.

Author of over 170 scientific papers, including monographs. She discovered a new species of dinosaur – Kulindadromeus transbaikalensis.

In 1959 she graduated from Lviv State University. I. Franko (faculty of geology). After completing her postgraduate studies at this university, she defended her PhD thesis on the topic “Biostratigraphy and ostracods of the Upper Mesozoic of Central and Eastern Transbaikalia” (1971); later – a doctoral dissertation on the topic “Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous of Mongolia and Transbaikalia (facies, sedimentation settings, biota)” (1996).

After graduating from the university, she worked in the Chita Geological Department until 1972. In 1972-1975, Associate Professor of the Department of Geology of the Chita Polytechnic Institute (Trans-Baikal State University), in 1995-2002 Associate Professor of the Department of Geophysics.

She headed the Geological Research Center at this university. Member of the Academic Council for the Award of Doctoral and Candidate’s Degrees at Transbaikal State University. While working at ZabSU in the Geological Museum, she created a paleontological hall, a Geological Kunstkamera of Transbaikalia and a paleontological school at the Department of Geology. Having worked at the university until 2009, she went to work as a leading researcher in the laboratory of geochemistry and ore genesis of the Institute of Natural Resources, Ecology and Cryology, Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Since 1986 – Chairman of the Chita branch of the Russian Paleontological Society. She worked for many years in geological enterprises, rising from a senior collector to the head of a detachment, and then to the head of the Biostratcgraphic Party.

Honored Geologist of Russia (1999) and Honored Geologist of the Chita Region (1999).
Honorary member of the Russian Paleontological Society (2000).
Honorary worker of higher education in Russia (2002).
Honored Worker of Higher Education of the Russian Federation (2008).
She was awarded medals, including “Veteran of Labor”, “For Services to the Chita Region” (2004); “For services to the city of Chita” (2008).