Beidina Tatyana Evgenevna

Doctor of Political Sciences (DK No. 006478 dated January 19, 2001), Professor (PR No. 008938 dated May 21, 2003), Professor of the Department of State, Municipal Administration and Politics of ZabSU.

In 2000, she defended her doctoral dissertation on the topic “Security of the border region of the Russian Federation in the socio-political sphere.”

Honorary worker of education of the Russian Federation, Honored worker of education of the Chita region, full member of the Municipal Academy of the Russian Federation, awarded the prize named after the first rector of Chita State University Yu. V. Kulagin in the direction of “Social Sciences”, in 2017 – the Order of Merit for the Trans-Baikal Territory

Head of the Trans-Baikal regional branch of the Russian Association of Political Science, head of the laboratory “Problems of organizational and legal support of local self-government” and scientific director of the REC “Socio-Political Research and Management”.

Area of scientific interests: regional policy as a tool for realizing the geopolitical interests of the state in the sphere of ensuring the national security of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

Founder of the scientific school “Socio-political problems of regional development, management and national security.”

More than 110 scientific papers have been published.


  • Grant of the Ministry of Education of Russia A03-1.3-42 “Research on the possibilities of applying social policy at the regional level in order to stabilize the social system, search for resources and effective ways to achieve social goals” (2004);
  • Grant 26 Gr ChitSU “Improving local governments in a depressed subject of the Russian Federation” (2006);
  • Grant from the Council for Research and Development of Transbaikal State University “Transbaikalia as a transborder region in the system of modern political and social processes” (2012).

Information on advanced training and professional retraining:

ZabSU professional retraining for conducting professional activities in the field of State and municipal administration, 2017.