Potapova Ksenia Romanovna

Literary editor of the department of scientific journals

Disciplines taught: bachelor’s degree foreign language, history of British literature, audio and video materials in a foreign language lesson, modern English prose, modern British poetry.
Name of area of training and specialty: graduated from the Faculty of Philology and Mass Communications of ZabSU with a degree in “Foreign Philology” (2019), with honors, master’s degree from ZabSU in the program “Literature of the Peoples of Foreign Countries (in English)” (2021). Since 2021, he has been studying graduate school in the direction of “Linguistics and Literary Studies”, focusing on “Literature of the Peoples of Foreign Countries (Europe, America, Australia). Scientific supervisor: Professor, Doctor of Philology T.V. Voronchenko.
Main publications:
• Voronchenko T.V., Potapova K.R. “Tunguska trace”: reception of the literature of the Evenks of Siberia and Northern China in the 18th-21st centuries. in the light of global strategies of ethnopolitics and geoculture.
• Voronchenko T.V., Gladkikh E.V., Fedorova E.V. Evenki discourse in the literature of Transbaikalia and Northern China: monograph.
• Voronchenko T.V., Fedorova E.V., Potapova K.R. Evenki world in oral folk art and fiction of Northern China: a textbook.