Shumilova Lidiya Vladimirovna

Professor of the Department of Water Management, Environmental and Industrial Safety, Faculty of Construction and Ecology, Transbaikal State University.

Academic degree – Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Academic title – associate professor.

Education: graduated from the Chita Polytechnic Institute with a degree in Mineral Processing

postgraduate studies at Chita State University (2001‒2004)

2005 – defense of the candidate’s dissertation; doctoral studies at Chita State University (2005‒2009);

2010 – defense of doctoral dissertation.

Scientific areas of research include mineral processing of technogenic waste and refractory ores, cuvette, heap, bacterial leaching and unconventional methods for intensifying hydrometallurgical processes, geoecology and environmental safety.

The total scientific and pedagogical experience is 46 years.


Advanced training took place on the basis of educational institutions of leading universities in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk. She took part in the educational project TIWaSiC-IY (2016) with the participation of Russia, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Sweden and other Russian cities. She completed advanced training abroad (in Finland, Sweden, Estonia). FPC on electronic information and educational environment of the organization, technosphere security.

Name of the direction of training and specialty: direction 05/21/04 Mining: mineral processing, open-pit mining, surveying, underground mining of ore deposits; consulting in the diploma design section “Industrial and Environmental Safety”: direction 05/21/04 Mining, specialization – mineral processing, open-pit mining.

Scientific field of activity

More than 200 scientific papers have been published, including 36 in international abstract databases and citation systems Web of Science, Scopus, WoS, Science Index, on the development and use of a cluster of fundamental and applied mining sciences for the introduction of new technologies at innovation-active enterprises in Russia with processing of ores and physical and chemical geotechnology of natural and technogenic mineral raw materials.

Deputy Chairman of the Dissertation Council for the defense of dissertations for the scientific degree of Candidate of Sciences, for the scientific degree of Doctor of Sciences D 212.299.08 in scientific specialties: 25.00.13 – Mineral processing (technical sciences), 25.00.22 – Geotechnology (underground, open and construction) technical sciences (2020‒2022).


Honored Teacher of Russia (Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of 2004), excellent student of secondary vocational education of the USSR (certificate of 1989), “Honorary Worker of the Transbaikal Mining College” (certificate No. 1 of 2007), has a badge of the Transbaikal Mining College named after. M.I.Agoshkova “For success in work” I, II, III degrees; awarded the medal named after Saints Cyril and Methodius for her contribution to the development of enlightenment, science, education and culture of the Slavic peoples (2011); full holder of the honorary inter-industry badge “Mining Glory” (I, II, III degrees).

7 monographs have been published, including in Germany, which is located in the German National Library. 10 Russian Federation patents for inventions were received, a number of which were implemented at mining enterprises in Transbaikalia, and 1 copyright certificate for computer programs.

Award of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Trans-Baikal Territory “National Project “Ecology”: public contribution to the green world” (2019). Laureate of the II International Scientific and Practical Conference-Competition in the category “Breakthrough Technologies” (2017). Laureate of the All-Russian competition “Russian Academy of Natural Sciences” for the monograph “Scientific substantiation of innovative gold extraction technology” (2016). Laureate of the All-Russian exhibition of educational and methodological publications in the industry – nomination “Golden Fund of Domestic Science”, laureate of the Y Far Eastern regional competition of publications of higher educational institutions “University Book 2015”. Laureate of the competition “100 Best Secondary Educational Institutions of Russia” in the category “Scientist of the Year” (2011). Numerous certificates, valuable gifts and letters of gratitude from the governor of the Trans-Baikal Territory, the mayor of Chita, the Ministry of Education, Science and Youth Policy of the Trans-Baikal Territory, the administration of the Trans-Baikal Mining College named after. M.I. Agoshkov and Transbaikal State University.

Participation in professional organizations:

Chairman of the Transbaikal regional branch of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS). Full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Full member of the MANEB.

Member of the editorial board: scientific, technical and industrial magazine “Metallurgist” (Scopus, Springer, WoS, Science Index, Moscow); social scientific journal “Bulletin of the Transbaikal Regional Branch of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences” (Chita). Reviewer of articles of scientific publications included in international abstract databases and systems.;