Requirements for the design of formulas, figures, tables

1. Formulas. When using formulas in the text of the article, it is recommended to use Microsoft Equation 3. It is recommended to provide explanations of the meanings of symbols and numerical coefficients directly below the formula in the same sequence in which they are given. Formulas should be numbered sequentially with Arabic numerals in parentheses, for example, A = a:b, (1). References in the text to serial numbers of formulas are written in parentheses, for example, … in formula (1).

2. Drawings must be made with a resolution of 300 dpi (B&W – for black and white illustrations, Grayscale – for halftones, maximum size of a drawing with an inscription: width 145 mm, height 235 mm); provide in the form of separate files with the extension *.JPG, *.BMP, *.TIFF and printed on A4 paper indicating the file name. Images must be able to move within the text and be resized. Perform diagrams and graphs in the built-in MS Word program or in MS Excel, providing the source file. Drawings should be numbered with Arabic numerals and continuous numbering. If there is only one drawing, it is not numbered. The title of the drawings is provided in Russian and English using a slash (/).

3. Tables must have thematic and numbered headings and links to them in the text. Thematic headings should reflect their content, be accurate, concise, and placed above the table. Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals. If there is only one table, it is not numbered. The name of the tables and its contents are provided in Russian and English using a slash (/).