Article name Professional Identity of Youth as a New Paradigm of Rural Development (the Case of Agricultural Institute of Kuzbass)
Authors Matveeva E.. ,
Bibliographic description Matveeva E. V. Professional identity of youth as a new paradigm of rural development (the case of agricultural institute of Kuzbass) // Transbaikal State University Journal. 2023. Vol. 29, no. 3. P. 196–204. DOI: 10.2109/2227-9245-2023-29-3-196-204
Category Politology
DOI 32.019.52
DOI 10.2109/2227-9245-2023-29-3-196-204
Article type Original article
Annotation One of the important tasks in the modern development of the Russian state is the reassessment of the country’s agricultural agenda, while the agro-industrial complex is included in the priority directions of economic development. In this regard, the solving the problem discussed in the paper allows identifying further guidelines in the development of the agricultural sector in the region, taking into account the values of young people. The purpose of the study is to identify the evaluative judgments of young people regarding the choice of their educational trajectory and readiness to link their professional activities with rural areas on the example of the Kuzbass agricultural university. A number of tasks have been set to solve this aim including, firstly, to determine the essential characteristics of the professional identity of young people, secondly, to review research papers related studying the identity of young people and its varieties, thirdly, to analyze the results of focused interviews among students of Agricultural Institute of Kuzbass, and finally, to develop practical recommendations for implementing the results of the empirical research into the educational process. Currently, there is a significant disproportion between the population in the city and in the countryside. However, this does not eliminate the tasks set by the state for the intensive development of the agro-industrial sector, attracting new investors and, of course, creating comfortable working and living conditions for young people as a new paradigm for the development of rural areas. The results of the study allowed us to identify two components in the professional identity of young people: motivational, related to the choice of an educational trajectory of study at an agricultural university; promising, related to professional activity with agricultural production. Practical recommendations on improving individual career guidance activities with schoolchildren and the educational process in the agricultural university of Kuzbass are presented. An effective tool for the professional self-determination of young people can be the joint activity of the University, the business community of agricultural industry and the authorities to create a positive image of the rural areas among young people.
Key words identity, professional identity, state identity policy, worldview system, youth, educational trajectory of professional development, professional community, urban agglomeration and rural areas, agro-industrial complex, Kuzbass
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Full articleProfessional Identity of Youth as a New Paradigm of Rural Development (the Case of Agricultural Institute of Kuzbass)