Article name International Experience in Supervisory Stress Testing of the Banking Sector: Theoretical Aspects
Authors Gorodkovaova S.. ,
Nikolenko P.V. financial consultant,
Bibliographic description Gorodkova S. A., Nikolenko P. V. International experience in supervisory stress testing of the banking sector: theoretical aspects // Transbaikal State University Journal. 2023. Vol. 29, no. 3. P. 133–142. DOI: 10.2109/2227-9245-2023-29-3-133-142. 142 Вестник
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DOI 336.71.078.3
DOI 10.2109/2227-9245-2023-29-3-133-142
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Annotation In modern conditions, when a new banking crisis is growing at an increasing pace in the world, from which a number of large Western financial and credit organizations have already suffered, the study of supervisory stress testing is relevant, since this tool has been created to stop crises in the banking sector. Now, when the Russian economy is going through a stage of structural transformation and banks play an important role in it, this tool is widely used in domestic supervisory practice. The purpose of the study is to systematize the international experience of conducting supervisory stress testing. The research objectives are as follows: to clarify the category of “supervisory stress testing”; to analyze models and scenarios of supervisory stress tests conducted in different countries; to identify the nuances of supervisory stress testing; to study the specifics of taking into account climate risks. The object of the study is supervisory stress testing, the subject is the experience of their implementation in different countries. The methodological basis of the study is the theoretical methods of induction, generalization and systematization. The central banks of the UK, the European Union, Australia and Brazil are observed in the study. According to the results of the study, the concept of “supervisory stress testing” has been clarified, scenarios of stress tests conducted in different countries have been analyzed, and the peculiarities of their implementation at both national and supranational levels are revealed. In addition, the specifics of taking into account climate risks in thematic stress tests of the euro area have been studied. Drawing a conclusion from the completed review, we can say that the experience of conducting supervisory stress testing varies quite a lot in each country. At the same time, there is also the formation of a general trend in the field of banking regulation – an emphasis on environmental protection for the implementation of activities to combat climate change.
Key words stress testing, banking supervision, international experience, risk management, anti-crisis policy, risk management, international financial institutions, credit institutions, banks, climate risks
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