Article name The use of Natural Zeolites to Reduce Harmful Emissions from Coal Combustion
Authors Razmakhnin K.. ,
Khatkova A.. ,
Shumilova L.. ,
Nomokonova T.. ,
Bibliographic description Razmakhnin K. K., Khatkova A. N., Shumilova L. V., Nomokonova T. S. The use of Natural Zeolites to Reduce Harmful Emissions from Coal Combustio // Transbaikal State University Journal. 2023. Vol. 29, no. 3. P. 56–65. DOI: 10.2109/2227-9245-2023-29-3-56-65.
Category Subsoil Use, Mining Sciences
DOI 622.7. 502/504
DOI 10.2109/2227-9245-2023-29-3-56-65
Article type Original article
Annotation The article presents the results of the research on the study of the possibility of using natural zeolites of Transbaikalia for cleaning flue gases from boilers and thermal power plants of mining enterprises from sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, which have a significant negative impact on the environment. The purpose of the research is to assess the possibility of effective gas cleaning of flue gases from sulfur dioxide by the sorption method. The object of the research is gas-air mixtures containing sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. The subject of the research is technologies and natural zeolites that provide gas cleaning. The main tasks of the research are determined, the sorption properties of natural zeolites of Transbaikalia during gas purification from sulfur dioxide are studied. The results of experiments on studying the absorption of sulfur dioxide by natural zeolites are presented. A scheme of a laboratory installation for conducting research on gas cleaning has been developed. Modeling of an industrial-type plant for the purification of flue gases from sulfur dioxide has been carried out. The main parameters of the gas cleaning process have been established. A scheme for gas purification from sulfur dioxide is proposed. A device is recommended for cleaning flue gases from boilers and thermal power plants of mining enterprises from sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, based on the use of natural zeolites as adsorbents. The effectiveness of the use of natural zeolites of Transbaikalia for the purification of exhaust flue gases from boiler houses and thermal power plants of mining enterprises from hydrogen sulfide, mercaptan and sulfurous anhydride, due to a rather high sorption capacity of zeolites for sulfur compounds (at least 16 wt %), has been established. It has been determined that modification with solutions of iron and manganese significantly increases the sorption capacity of zeolites.
Key words natural zeolites, coals, combustion, gas-air emissions, exhaust gases, sulfur dioxide, gas mixture, sorption column, gas cleaning, modeling, hardware implementation, device
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