Article name Increasing the level of gold recovery during the combined processing of gold containing lead-zinc ores
Authors Zvereva N.. ,
Myazin V.. ,
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Category Earth science
DOI 622.7
DOI 10.21209/2227-9245-2022-28-10-6-14
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Annotation The ore of the Novo-Shirokinskoye deposit is processed at the processing plant of JSC Novo-Shirokinskoye Mine according to the gravity-flotation scheme. The technological scheme for processing gold-containing lead-zinc ores consists of two nodes: 1 – gravity; 2 – flotation. The gravity node for the extraction of free gold (the extraction proportion of free gold into the gravity concentrate is not more than 30%) is realized with the help of jigging machines, screw separators and concentration tables. The flotation node includes: collective cycle, including the main, control and two partial operations; lead cycle, including the main, control and one recleaner operation; zinc cycle, which includes the main, control and three cleaning operations. The ore of the Novo-Shirokinskoye deposit belongs to the primary type, since the degree of its oxidation is 3 %. Final (marketable) products obtained at the factory during ore processing of the Novo-Shirokinskoye deposit are: combined lead concentrate of the LC-8 brand, corresponding to TU 1725-002-24722376-2011 \"Lead concentrates\"; zinc concentrate of the ZC-3 brand, corresponding to TU 1725-001-24722376-2011 \"Zinc concentrate\". Zinc flotation tailings are dump and stored in a tailings storage facility. Due to the tendency to reduce the lead content in the ore, the dependence of the reduction in the extraction of gold into the flotation concentrate is manifested. Considering the use of the traditional reagent of potassium butyl xanthogenate - C5H9OS2K (further BPX) as a collector, does not give the desired results, a search for combinations with new reagents is required. The object of research is gold–containing lead-zinc ores. The subject of the study is the modes of the flotation process of enrichment of gold–containing lead-zinc ores using the collector BPX and the new reagent Aeroflot BTF 15221 of the company \"Kvadrat Plus\". The main idea of the work is to increase the efficiency of flotation enrichment of gold–containing lead-zinc ores by determining the optimal combination of the known reagent of the collector BCC and the proposed Aeroflot BTF15221
Key words Key words: reagents, selection, extraction, flotation method of enrichment, laboratory studies, enrichment efficiency, mineral, concentrate, ratio of reagents, industrial testing
Article information N. Zvereva, Myazin V. Increasing the level of gold recovery during the combined processing of gold containing lead-zinc ores // Transbaikal state university journal, 2022, vol. 28, no. 10. рр..6-14. DOI: 10.21209/2227-9245-2022-28-10-6-14
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Full articleIncreasing the level of gold recovery during the combined processing of gold containing lead-zinc ores