Article name Modern Urban Practices: Socio-Political Aspects
Authors Bernukevich T.. ,
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Category Politology
DOI 323.2
DOI 10.21209/2227-9245-2022-28-6-37-44
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Annotation Universal category characterizing the processes of the modern city is the concept of «modern urban practices». The object of the study is modern urban practices, which include activities and processes that determine the development of urban space and ecosphere of the city, improvement of the urban environment, realization of the «right to the city». The subject of the study is the political aspects of modern urban practices, which have a number of areas for the urban space development, preservation and improvement of the urban environment, and enhancement of the citizens’ life quality. In particular, it includes the preservation of cultural heritage, revival of small towns, development of the city’s ecosphere and solution of environmental problems, as well as the solution of issues related to the adaptation of migrants and intercultural interaction, etc. The purpose of this study is to conceptualize the understanding of «modern urban practices», to determine the socio-political aspects of modern urban practices formation, the role of political factors in their development. The methodology for analyzing these challenges is based on a systematic approach that makes it possible to identify connections and relationships between the phenomena of urban practices, their functions in the general urban space, and the political status of these social practices. The result of the study is a typology of modern urban practices in terms of their determination by socio-political factors, the detection of their essence and focus. The application of the study results is based on the fact that they complement the modern concepts of urbanism; allow us to consider the heterogeneous phenomena of the city development within the framework of social life, determining the influence of political factors. As a result of the study the following conclusion can be drawn: the definition and analysis of the socio-political aspects of modern urban practices make it possible to identify their social essence, the possibility of implementing specific models for the development of the urban environment, creating conditions for its safety and comfort, and improving the quality of human life.
Key words Key words: modern urban practices, socio-political factors, urban environment development, urban space, urban environment, citizens’ quality of life, political ideas, political situation, political interests, social activities
Article information Bernyukevich Т. Modern Urban Practices: Socio-Political Aspects // Transbaikal State University Journal, 2022, vol. 28, no. 6, pp. 37-44. DOI: 10.21209/2227-9245-2022-28-6-37-44
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