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Transbaikal State University Journal vol. 24, №9 2018

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    Earth science

Bordonsky G. .
Gurulev A. .
Orlov A. .
Tsyrenzhapov S. .
Influence of ice amorphization on its microwave characteristics
Vosel Y. .
Makarova I. .
Strakhovenko V. .
Sequential extraction method, adapted to modern carbonate sediments
Air pollution in the city of Kyzyl and the health of population (the republic of Tyva)
Analysis and prospects for the development of stepping equipment for mining machines
Regularities of placing the sources of the stone age in Transbaikalia in connection with sources of mineral raw materials

Smolich K. .
The policy of Germany in the field of observing scientific ethics: institutional features (on the example of ombudsmen activity in the field of science)
Bulakh E. .
Knyazeva A. .
Tsoy V. .
Institutionalization of public government in political practice of Russia
Zakirov A. .
Features of the Eastern GR model (on the example of China and India cases)
Mordasov V. .
Zhukova  A. .
Romanova I. V.
The influence of social myths on the policy of jewish identity transformation in the European states and the USA

Kisloshayev P. .
Kapitonova N. .
Influence of digital economy on maintenance of economic safety of real sector of economy
Moshkin I. .
Romanov V. A.
Khubulova V. .
Gubieva Z. .
Cloud technologies in the context of project management
Oborin M. .
The development of agricultural specialization as an alternative direction of diversification of the economy of the Volga Federal District
Trufanov A. .
Kuklina M. .
Trapeznikova D. .
Galataeva A. .
Socio-economic components of network structures of tourist activity in the Baikal region (problem statement)
Influence of unemployment on the quality of human capital in the agriculture of the Russian Federation
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Pavlenko Y. .
Star hypothesis for the formation of the Earth: cosmological factors