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Transbaikal State University Journal vol. 24, №8 2018

    Full version of the journal

    Earth science

Basov V. .
The nature of deformations distribution in physical simulation of coal-bearing massif in the neighborhood junction of mine workings
Belan L. Н.
Galeeva E. M.
Fatkhutdinova R. S.
Features of cyclical fluctations of the annual and maximal flow at the limits of upper and middle stream of the Ural river
Gazaev K. M.
Ittiev A. B.
Gazaev M. A.
Agоeva E. A.
Microelements in the surface waters of the Chegem gorge
Sekisov A. .
Trubachev A. I.
Salikhov S. S.
Lavrov A. Y.
Rubtsov Y. I.
Shevchenko Y. S.
Geological and mineralogical characteristics of the kruchininsky placer as a basis for gold recovery technology development
Smolyaninova L. G.
Zykina V. S.
Pronina I. .
Petro-magnetic climate indicators in the geological section of the Anui river valley (Predaltaian plain)
Frolov S. G.
Potapov V. .
Potapov V. .
Kolokoltseva E. Y.
Methodology of imitation modeling for selection of rational technical and technological solutions of the real process of drilling

Boyarkina A. .
Pecheritsa V. .
Mefodyeva S. .
Chinese traditional culture in the context of the concept “A community with a shared future for mankind”
Drobotushenko E. .
Transformation of religious policy in the soviet state in the early stages of its development: A reflection of changes in normative legal acts
Drue M. .
Discrepancy of strategies between the energy development strategies of the Russian Federation and the European union beginning since the mid-2000s under the influence of russian-ukrainian gas crises
Merzlyakova I. .
Kiseleva,  N. .
First decrees of soviet government as the basis of the Constitutional legislation
Tsao T. .
Energy policy of China and cooperation with Russia in the Arctic

Glazyrina I. .
Faleychik  A. .
Faleychik L. .
Investment and economic development: comparative analysis for Russian regions
Kuznetsova I. .
Shelkovnikov S. .
Sharavina E. .
Development of a conceptual approach to formation of human capital in the agriculture of the Novosibirsk region
Leskova T. M.
Gruzdeva L. .
Continuous training, as a basis for Effective realization of the system quality management mechanisms
Masserov D. .
Kustov M. .
Formation of a regional policy of sustainable development in Russia
Oborin M. .
Chernikova S. .
The impact of agriculture on socio-economic development of the region