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Transbaikal State University Journal vol. 24, №7 2018

    Earth science

Bayalieva Z. A.
Zhumabayev B. .
Mathematical modelling of the intense and deformed state around the pressure head tunnel, located in the zone of the intermountain depression
Gazaev H. M.
Ittiev A. B.
Agоeva E. A.
Kumykov R. M.
Change of the specific combinatorial index of water pollution of the basin of the river terek
Makarov V. .
Potapov V. Y.
Modification of residues method for aerodynamic calculation of vortex regulator of turbomachines
Alluvial mineral uniformity: original composition and features
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Kukharsky A. .
Popov Y. .
Soft and hard power as the us development strategy in different regions of the world
Disadaptation processes in the way of student youth’s life as a social problem
Mordasov V. G.
Zhukova  A. .
Romanova I. V.
Poliсу of the russian state on the formation of the jewish identity
Pozdnyakova M. E.
Bruno V. V.
“Controlled” drug use as a factor of changes in drug sitation in modern russia

Leskova T. M.
Audit of staffing companies Engineering complex In the quality management system
Oborin M. S.
Economic potential of agricultural and environmental tourism in the regions of russia
Romanov V. A.
Tarkhanova N. P.
The study of consumer preferences for regional tourist market
Sodnomova S. K.
Chikicheva S. Y.
The need to take into account individual characteristics of the constituent entities of the russian federation when forming a “model” budget
Shapieva A. V.
Innovative potential of young people as a factor of economic growth