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Transbaikal State University Journal vol. 24, 2018, № 5, №5 2018

    Full version of the journal

Full version of the journal
    Earth science

Gruzdev R. .
The possibility of using the technique of the non-contact measurement of the electric field in the modification of sounding when engineering geological survey
Makarov N. .
Potapov V. .
Gorshkova E. .
A promising method of high-pressure hydro-dusting efficiency increasing
Jurassic Paleoecosystems of Kulinda Herbivorous Ornithischian Dinosaurs’ Locality (Olovskaya Formation, Transbaikalia)
Stetyukha V. .
Evaluation of the impact of frozen cracks on structures in the ground massif
Khamrakulov I. .
Phenological investigations in the territory of the Bashkir Pre-Urals: peculiarities of seasonal dynamics
Davyborets E. .
Mefodyeva S. .
Kuleshov V. .
Communication technologies of creating the image of the state

Gurevich L. .
Correlation of the levels of aggression and transparency in political rhetoric (on the material of the “case of the Skripals”)
Zhukova  A. .
Romanova I. .
Mordasov  V. .
Integrated identity as a subject of ethnological and social and philosophical researches of identity
Matveeva E. .
Ukraintsev I. .
Ukraintseva D. .
Institutionalization of public councils in the activities of regional executive authorities
Mezentsev S. .
Mezentsev I. .
Peter I as an outstanding political leader

Smirnova O. .
Methodological support of the economic security assessment of the interindustry complex
Kalynychenko M. .
Comparative analysis of national marketing management systems of enterprises
Korkhovaya E. .
Statistical analysis of state support effectiveness of subjects of small and medium business
Kazantsev L. .
Formation of investment portfolio of a beginning investor
Oborin M. .
Scientific basis for managing hospitality enterprises in difficult economic conditions