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Transbaikal State University Journal vol 24, 2018, № 3, №3 2018

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    Earth science

Oborin M. .
Assessment of the possibility of using potential natural curative resources in the resort and recreational activities of the region
Pavlenko Y. .
Natural polymers: a new paradigm the evolution of the Earth
Sokolova O. .
Potapova E. .
Мethod of determining generalnote green areas

Baryshnaia N. .
Samokhvalov N. .
The attitude of Russia youth to education and science at the present stage
Beidina T. .
Definitions \"political process\", \"political changes\", \"political development\" in the scientific discourse
Denisov Y. .
The Implementation of direct democracy in Russia
Marianna  Z. .
Ethno-cultural competence of future specialists in the social sphere: dynamics of the communicative component
Zhukova  A. .
Romanova I. .
Policy of the higher education in the Far East republic
Zimina N. .
Tumurov Z. .
Actual problems of the registration of political parties and their regional offices
Zimina N. .
Kukharsky A. .
Novikova A. .
Improvement of systems of local self-government in organization and staffing of municipal management
Romanova N. .
Harmonization of gender relations as a component of the process of democratic transformation

Bartosh A. .
Bartosh A. .
Efficiency of interaction between local government and entrepreneurship in Transbaikal Region
Beidina T. .
Beidin S. .
Galynis K. .
Novikova A. .
Proposals on the delegation of powers of local self-government as an innovative problem based on international and Russian specifics
Oborin M. .
Ronis A. .
Belyaev D. .
Malyshev E. .
The role of small business in the socio-economic development of the national economy