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Transbaikal State University Journal vol 24, 2018, №2, №2 2018

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    Earth science

Shcherbatyuk  A. .
Regional aspect of ecological safety of the urban air environment in the conditions of intercontinental intermontane basins
Kirdyashkin A. .
Kirdyashkin A. .
Gladkov I. .
Heat and mass transfer and crystallization in the mushroom head of a thermochemical plume
Pirogov  G. .
Structure of the system monitoring of the natural environment of subsurface resources during the development of deposits by underground mining and processing complexes

Bunkovsky V. .
Zelenkov G. .
Methodical approaches to the process of clusterization of small and medium business
Kislitsyn  E. .
Designing a simulation model of lending to individuals on the basis of the scoring mechanism
Kosenchuk O. .
Multifunctional development of rural territories
Oborin M. .
Mingaleva  Z. .
Development of rural services as a factor of sustainable development of the region
Samigullin E. .
Alymseitova B. .
Ensuring food security of the Kyrgyz Republic in the conditions of the UFES
Stepanova E. .
Popova N. .
Railway transportation of passengers in the suburban message: new approaches to definition of tariffs, problems and ways of their solutions

Beidina  T. .
Buyanov  V. .
Kovalenko  P. .
Delegation of state powers to local governments as a theoretical and political problem
Bernukevich  T. .
On the political aspects of the construction of religious buildings in Russia in the XIX and early XX centuries
Tsymzhit V. .
Ayushieva I. .
The Religious factor in modern Chinese-Mongolian relations
Davyborets  E. .
Kuzmina  E. .
Tantsura M. .
Modern technologies of forming the image of the state
Zhukov  A. .
Zhukova  A. .
Romanova  N. .
Religious threat as a concept of classical philosophical, religious and political discourse
Shabolotov T. .
Possibilities of the theory of public choice in studies of parliamentarism in post-Soviet countries
Matveeva  E. .
Matveeva  E. .
Ensuring public control in the activities of internal affairs authorities (on the example of Kemerovo region)