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Transbaikal State University Journal vol 24, №1 2018

    Full version of the journal

    Earth science

Oborin M. .
Oborin M. Rural tourism at the present stage: prospects of development
Potapov V. .
Tsipin E. .
Potapov V. .
Franyuk E. .
Algorithm of decision-making on pieces removal in photometric separation
Shesternev D. .
Omelyanenko P. .
Improving the cost-effectiveness modern geophysical methods of permafrost investigations
Kucharsky A. .
Ways of improvement of information and communication technologies in Russia and regions

Beydina T. .
The russian and foreign experience of modernization as the basis for sustainable and long-term development policy
Mukhamedov R. .
Gaysina A. .
Romanova I. .
About typology of advisory councils at regional executive bodies
Petrova E. .
Kuznetsova N. .
Yakusheva А. .
Analysis of the social policy influence of an enterprise on loyalty and motivation of the personnel of the oil-processing enterprise
Polutova M. .
Business organization and business environment in terms of synergy paradigm
Shabolotov T. .
Theoretical problems of representative democracy in the Kyrgyz Republic

Zhaparov G. .
Artykbaev O. .
Basic mechanisms and tools to stimulate foreign direct investment in the gold mining industry of the Kyrgyz Republic
Oborin M. .
Mingaleva Z. .
The market of food products of rural territories of the Perm region