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Transbaikal State University Journal. Vol. 2, №2 2023

    Earth and Environmental Sciences

Manikovsky P. M.
Safe quality Management of Coals Using Digital Models of Minerals at the Kuta Brown Coal Deposit
Yurgenson G. .
New data on the Petzite of the Baley Ore Field in Eastern Transbaikalia
Sidorova G. .
Manikovsky P. M.
Yakimov  A. A.
Ovcharenko N.  .
Radiation and Environmental Safety Assessment of Fossil Coals in Transbaikalia
Kochev D. .
Shumilova L. .
Application of Spectral Water Indices on the Tailings of the Darasunsky Mine According to the Remote Sensing Data of the Landsat Program
    Subsoil Use, Mining Sciences

Popov G. V.
Iodis V. A.
Development of an Enlarged Adsorber for the Processing of Productive Solutions
Urazova Y. V.
Tiunov M. Y.
Chikin A. .
Flotation Enrichment of Tungsten Ores in Conditions of Closed Water Circulation
Shumilova L. .
Khatkova A. .
Razmakhnin K. .
Prostakishin M. F.
Extraction of Gold and Silver from the Charge of Mining Waste

Glazyrina I. .
Kalgina  I. S.
Chikin A. .
Aslezov Y. A.
Use of Modern Information Systems to Improve the Quality of State Management in the Sphere of Subsoil Use
Tislenko M. I.
Kholina V. N.
Digital ineQuality in the EU Through the Prism of EU Member States’ Strategies and Their Position in International Rankings
Marchenko S. .
Prospects for the Development of the Global Market for Shipping Liquefied Natural Gas
Solovyova M. V.
Economic Efficiency of the Implementation of Sports Student Projects in the Context of State Youth Policy
Voronov N. D.
Baranova O. .
Experience and Significance of the System Analysis in Identifying and Solving Problems of Retail Trade Development in the Sverdlovsk Region
Dugina E. .
Dorzhieva E. .
Dugin A. .
Directions and trends of the digital transformation process development in the agro-food sector
    Economic, Social, Political, Recreational Geography

Novikov  A. .
Geography and Religious Studies: Integration, Convergence, Synergy

Tomskikh A. .
Territorial Management of a Regional University: Growth Management Factors

Rogov  V. .
Formation of Iron Metallurgy of the Baikal Region on the Basis of Innovative Solutions
Logunov T. A.
American Media Coverage of the USSR Collapse: Content Analysis of Print Media (1989–1992)
Shalak A.  .
Yeritsyan H. .
Institutionalization of the party system in the de facto states of the post-soviet space (by the example of the Republic of Abkhazia)
Spassky E. N.
Political Parties of the Federal Republic of Germany at the Present Stage
Davyborets E. N.
Radikov I. .
Prospects for the tourism development in the Russian Far East
Napso M. .
Nationalism as Ideology and Political Trend
    Anniversary Dates

75th Anniversary of Oveshnikov Yuri Mikhailovich
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