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Transbaikal State University Journal. Vol. 29, №1 2023

    Earth and Environmental Sciences

Kharitonov  A. L.
Results of the use of Geophysical Data to Search for Promising Areas of Fossil Fuel Resources on the Territory of the East Siberian Giant Mantle Plume
Ozornin S. P.
Assessment of Operational Reliability of Mining Transport and Technological Machines at the Stage of Analysis of Statistical Data in Failures
Shalikovsky A. V.
Kurganovich K. .
Analysis of Approaches to the Distribution of Pollutant Discharge Limits between Sources of Negative Impact on Water Bodies
Iskenderzade E. B.
Rahimov C. R.
Rahimov E. R.
Veliyev H. S.
Comparative Characteristics of Nonparametric and Parameter-Integrated Weighted Average Estimates of Geoecological Measurement Data
    Subsoil Use, Mining Sciences

Kovalenko  P. .
Application of Compound Oil-Containing Collectors in the Process of Foam Separation of Diamonds

Blanutsa V. .
Border Contrast Between Russian Regions on the Trajectories of Achieving National Development Goals
Suvorova A. .
Guidelines for Spatial Development of the Region: the Case of the Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk Regions
Abgaldaev V. Y.
Osodoeva  O. A.
Saktoev V. .
Approaches to the Analysis of the Economic Behavior of Rural Regions in the Conditions of Instability (on the Example of the Republic of Buryatia)
Kononovich I. V.
Green Integration – a New Stage in the Development of the Green Economy of Countries?
Solovyova M. V.
Formation of the Corporate Culture of the Organization as a Factor of Increasing Competitiveness (on the Example of LlC “Trading Company”, Moscow)
Prokofieva E. .
Izmaiylov A. D.
The Impact of the Crisis and Sanctions on the Development of the Retail Lending Market

Matveeva E. .
Alagoz A. .
Panichkina E. .
Askhakova  A. P.
The Phenomenon of Culture in the Value System of Kuzbass University Students (Based on Focus Group Interviews)
Shimanskaya O. K.
Senyutkina  O. N.
Discourses of Euro-Islam
Dobrynina M. .
Chinese Migration in Conditions of Modernization: the Russian Vector
Romanova I. V.
Orlova M. .
Communication Campaigns for the Image Formation of the Administration of the Urban District “Chita”: Effectiveness of Communication Channels
Zihao Zhang . .
In the Context of the Current Crisis in the European Security Framework: the Necessity to Redefine the Concept of International Terrorism
Poroshin  D.  .
The Problem of Sports and The International Olympic Movement Politicization in the Light of the Anti-Russian Sanctions of 2022
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Pavlenko Y. .
A System Model of the Universe Evolution
    Anniversary Dates

300 Years of Mining Education in the Far East
85th Anniversary of Alexey Ivanovich Trubachev
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Transbaikal State University Journal
    Earth science

Ochirov  V. .
Study of the interaction of asbestos cement pipelines with surrounding soil